DFHC 4/15/2011

item 1 >>> Now Playing  2 Phone Calls  I know, sometimes Shelley Berman could be a little hard to take, but I’m lucky in that I always had no trouble at all. Take a few minutes and laugh along with these classic phone-call routines…Hello? Lingerie? 

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†!…  Feelings by Grassroots   From the lightweight 1968 Doris Day comedy vehicle With 6 you Get Eggroll…the Grassroots, with what might strike you as an uncharacteristically “heavy” sound for them…do I detect a touch of “Under my Thumb”?

item 3 >>> Pointless Beggingwell, if that’s what you’d call passing the hat, or sitting on the corner playing the guitar, with an upturned hat at my knee. What I’m humbly suggesting is you click on the “donate” logo, and via PayPal and your credit card, donate $10 a month…that’s 33¢ a day. Heck, some people wouldn’t stoop over to pick up 33¢ lying on the ground in the parking lot at Target’s. And to tell you the truth, I don’t honestly expect one person to do this…we’re all so ingrained with the idea that internet content is free…even I feel that way, with very rare exceptions. But taking a lesson from our feline friends, it never hurts to ask for what you want. There…as George MacMichael on The Real McCoys would announce: I’ve had my say.

item 4  >>> Old Sidekicks Never DieOr at least they didn’t on sitcoms in he 1960s. Andy Clyde (below, left) played numerous comedic saddle pals in the 30s and 40s…mostly famously as Hopalong Cassidy’s chum California Carlson. Then were was Pat Buttram as the incorrigible Eustace Haney on Green Acres, and Smiley Burnette as engineer Charlie Pratt on Petticoat Junction. And those old cats could bring it…Redd Foxx understood this, featuring lots of old black performers on Sanford and Son. (Below, right) is George MacMichael’s sister Flora…Florrie as Grampa McCoy called her…bearing a striking resemblance to Aunt Harriet on Batman. And wasn’t she also one of the boarders in the 50s classic The Day The Earth Stood Still? No, that was Aunt Bee, but you were close…

item 5  >>> And not for nothing, but…Madge Blake played an U.N.C.L.E. operative on the 1st season episode “The Yellow Scarf Affair.” Hooda thunkit?

item 6 >>> Also Sprach Johannes DæmonThis reminds me of the time on All in the Family when Edith mentioned a relative who “went west.” Archie complained: If the guy died, why don’t you just say he died? Edith replied: Oh, he didn’t die…he moved to Albuquerque…

item 5 >>> Fins to the right, Fins to the left…This may come as quite a shock to you, but not ALL 1959 Cadillacs had those humongous tail fins. When I was in college in Boston, I remember hearing what we’d call today an “urban legend”…about a downtown jogger who tripped, launched himself, and ended up with said Cadillac tail-fin sticking thru his thigh. Barely looks possible, but hoo nose?The thing is tho, in those days they had an ultra-top-of-the-line model called the Fleetwood Brougham. Cost just a skosh over $13,000…about double what a “regular” Caddy would set you back. The body for this beauty was crafted by Ghia over in Italy, and I guess they just couldn’t bring themselves to, well, you know, condone that sort of thing.

Now you might wonder if funeral cars also toned it down, but as far as I can tell…and these things are pretty well documented by the collectors of what they call “professional” vehicles…the answer is no, as seen below. And believe it or else, in that particular profession, there were fads and fancies in vehicles just like in the mainstream auto industry.The smaller photo was the revolutionary new Crown Royale Landaulet  from Superior…compared with a more traditional style, the larger picture of a Miller-Meteor Landau (no relation to the Canadian Mercury Meteor, updated today in item 7.)

item 6 >>> But If Ya Gotta Go…this might not be a bad ride…from the movie Harold and Maude, driven by Bud Cort (Harold)…and thank you, Internet Movie Cars Data Base.

item 7 >>> Speaking of Yesterday’s Cars…Yeah, thanx to my screwy filing system…both on and off the computer…I overlooked that I had some other good pix of the 1961 Mercury Meteor…the color view of the rear really shows what an odd design they came up with…shades of the Comet, nez pah?

item 8 >>> Also Yesterday’s Scat Pack…They had several different cartoon “Bee” logos, here’s another, with a tie-in to a football contest, from September 1968.

item 9 >>> Choco-LottaWe were discussing the ins and outs of Cacao, and I mentioned sampling a block of Bakers Chocolate…completely unsweetened…to get an idea of what chocolate really tastes like, sans sugar. In a word, bitter…I didn’t repeat the experiment, I can tell you. But this here, 86% is wicked high…and it was more palatable…giving a truer sense off the real flavor of chocolate. I could see getting used to liking it, like coffee or gentian root in Moxie.

item 10 >>>  Jarts Redux…And I believe I touched upon Lawn Jarts when discussing the dangers of frisbees a bit ago. Imagine my glee when I saw this in the paper…only to realize it wasn’t real Jarts, just a video game, so it’s OK. I wonder…do they have video games where you can smoke cigarettes, along with stealing cars and killing people? I’m just askin’…

Wicked Ballsy

Everybody needs a hobby…especially this person…(more ‘bras at today Stolf’s Blog, see link below…)

shameless choco-plugs, yum…

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