DFHC 4/19/2011

item 1 >>> Now Playing…  Taxman  The Music Machine covers the Beatles…hey, where’d Mr. Wilson and Mr Heath go?

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†!  Cartoon Beatles   Nice to hear Beatles music, obviously, but these were really stupid cartoons…no laffs, crummy animation, just awful. BTW….”1 for you, 19 for me” says the Taxman, referring to the 80% tax rate…the Beatles kept one penny out of 20 to a shilling.

item 3 >>> Batmaniapalooza…The Bat-Craze of 1966 hit the North Shore as hard as it hit anywhere. Hey, let’s go see Batman at Pleasure Island…well, actually it’s only the Riddler, Frank Gorshin. OK, well, we can go see Batman at Bradlees…no, see, it’s just on their televisions. Oh. See, kid, you’re learning something about life…

item 4 >>>  Even the Red Sox Caught Bat FeverWell, whoopty-doo…strike while the iron’s hot, no?

item 5 >>> And Speaking of the Dark Hose…Here’s something I’d completely forgotten about…72 games in 2002, batted .223, with 5 home runs but just 16 RBIs. And while I’m thinking of it, why isn’t Tim Raines in the Hall of Fame? He and Rickey Henderson (born on Xmas 1958 BTW) were mentioned in the same breath for most of their careers…

item 6 >>> Bye Bye Braids, Hello Oscar Gamble…My, my, this takes you back, doesn’t it. Real Names for 100, Alex. What is: Covelli Loyce Crisp?

item 7 >>> BTW, it’s POPCORN not Popping Corn, Sheesh…But hey, I learned something…I figured butter was butter, but nooooooooo. Now I’m not sure what “butter” actually means to the people who make Pop-Secret…is it real butter or just a butter flavoring? As you can see from the trade-dress illustrations, “Extra Butter” and “Movie Theater Butter” have splashes of something, while “Butter” does not. (Yeah, and thanx for not spelling it “theatre”…it’s much appreciated in this BS-soaked world.) But generically, that yellow goo you get at the snack counter is clarified butter. This means the milk solids and much of the water has been removed, leaving the oily butter-fat. The taste is different, plus it has the benefits of a longer shelf life, and a higher temperature at which it starts to burn or “smoke.” So there. Pop-Secret, at last count, makes 938 different varieties, including “Home Style,” which is distinguished from the others by a “touch of butter and salt.” Still, as you settle in in front of your HD surround-sound wide-screen, you have to ask yourself: Do I wanna be at the movies or at home or maybe a little of both, as far as the popcorn is concerned. And for the record “Kettle Corn” means a light coating of sweetness, sugar or honey or both…

This ad is also interesting in that they confront Orville Redenbacher head on, altho the presence of the asterisk pretty much guarantees that whatever they’re claiming isn’t really true after all. Still, when I was doing  radio commercials in Upper Upstate New York, the culture was that you never compared yourself to your competitor…it was just considered bad business manners, end of story.

item 8 >>> Ever seen a Powell?…The above is a reprint of a bit I had back on 4/13 on my other blog (see link below) about a rare truck of the 1950s, and it’s even rarer SUV counterpart. 2 things I neglected to mention…it came in pink…and it had this bizarre tube-like storage compartment that pulled out of the rear end (bottom, far right) which was ostensively for transporting fishing rods…you reckon?

item 9 >>>  You Couldn’t Buy Them for Any Money…Because they were given away free to kids, the March of Comics mini-funny books, from Western Publishing, spanning the late 40s thru the 70s. Western was the company that put out Dell comics and it’s successor Gold Key…most of the characters in their regular-sized line showed up in these freebies. Collectors count 488 different issues. My sister saved one from a trip to the shoe store, and it’s interesting for what it’s not…despite saying “Lost in Space” on the cover, it isn’t the TV show at all.

item 10 >>> Space Family Robinson…first came out as a comic book series in 1962…the cosmic travails of scientists Craig and June Robinson, and their teenagers Tim (boy) and Tam (girl), plus their dog Clancy and parrot Yakker. Doesn’t sound like the TV show, does it? No Robot, no Dr. Smith, no Debbie the Bloop. And while no one wants to come right out and confirm it, the general assumption is that Western was allowed (misleadingly of course, but what the heck) to put “Lost in Space” on the cover in exchange for not suing Irwin Allen and CBS for stealing their intellectual property…naming the TV family “Robinson” was a smoking gun for sure…so that was the bargain they evidently struck. And while I’m thinking of it, the story goes that Carroll O’Connor, Jack Elam, and Victor Buono were all considered for the role of Dr. Smith…and that’s a story too good to check, sez me…

Wicked Ballsy 

How they sold Pepsi Cola in 1960…for real…

movie theater shameless plugs with extra home-style…

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