DFHC 4/21/2011

item 1 >>> Now Playing…     Dirty Business  From the Grateful Dead spinoff group, the New Riders of the Purple Sage. The the original (“old”) riders were from a Zane Grey novel published in 1912.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†!…  Why Pick on Me The Red Sox Nation Theme seguing into a lesser know song. You may have heard it said that as an Los Angeles-based group, the Standells had never been to Boston…this is mostly true. In June 1966, they opened for the Rolling Stones…in the Manning Bowl in Lynn. They may very well have visited Beantown, or perhaps were too busy working. The song was written by Capitol Records producer Ed Cobb (not to be confused with James “J.R.” Cobb, who wrote “Spooky” when a member of the Classics IV, later joining the Atlanta Rhythm Section, which is why they recorded it too.) Ed Cobb was a former member of the Four Preps and also wrote “Tainted Love.” “Dirty Water” was reportedly inspired by a mugging incident when Ed was visiting Boston. (Who did Ed mug? Stop that.)  Host here is Vince Edwards, and they did indeed appear on Ben Casey, March 1965…check it out:  Suits with no Collars

item 3 >>> Dirty WorkBack on 3/12 when I featured a handful of dust scooped up from a lonely corner, I fully intended to one day do a dirty follow-up, and today’s the day. This is simply dirty swept off the kitchen floor with an old-fashioned corn-bristle broom, worn down from 20 years of sweeping but still completely functional.

item 4 >>>  Getting Your Rocks Off…What we call dirt really is tiny pieces of rock, as you can see here at 300 dpi…

item 5  >>>  Bigger Still…And now at 600 dpi…once again spotlighting the photographic possibilities of a scanner/copier.

item 6 >>> Dishing It…Yeah, the truth about dirt…and I’ll say this: I’ve had it all wrong all these years, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I knew that “dirt” comes in 2 basic forms, sand and clay. I assumed the only difference was the amount of water each contained, but I should have realized there was more to it…after all, wet sand isn’t clay, is it? And indeed, the other big difference is the size of the pulverized mineral particles…as you can see below, much bigger for sand than clay, with “silt” being an intermediate size.

item 7 >>>  Triangulating…Soil types are classified by the amount of sand, silt, and clay they contain…”loam” is the general term for a mix of all 3. Then you have “humus,” which is organic in origin, not to be confused with “hummus” which I believe is also, depending on the recipe…

item 8  >>> Whuzzit?…But I wondered about that 1200 dpi setting. I tried it once with my old printer and Windows laptop, and the darn thing crashed. So here’s a…guess what?

item 9 >>> It’s a Staple!…Yup, appears Apples are made of sterner stuff…

item 10 >>> Sandy Sand….Those classifications in the soil triangle remind me of terminology unique to dog breeders. As you may know, a male is a “dog” and a female is a “bitch.” For the purposes of dog show confirmation, the Breed Standards can be very detailed, and while to the uninitiated most males and females may appear pretty much the same, with the females if anything perhaps a little smaller, many Standards disqualify a pooch from the show-ring for “lack of sexual type”…informally referred to as “doggy bitch” or “bitchy dog.” mmmmmm-k…These 2 here are beautiful miniature pinschers…of undetermined (by me) gender, and you know what, who cares?

Wicked Ballsy 

As you can tell from the T-Bird, this is from 1955. So that’s why we had a pink TV! Dreft always struck me as an odd name for a soap powder…is it a take-off on “drift”?…always reminded me of the words “silt” and “filth”… and also called to mind “bereft”…lacking or deprived of something. But then you also have “deft,” accomplished or talented at something…

plugs sans shame…

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