DFHC 4/22/2011

item 1 >>> Now Playing  Pink Cadillac by Larry Dowd   Memo to Bruce Springsteen, Natalie Cole, et al…nothing new under the sun…

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†!  Conquest of Space   From 1955…”Before it Happens!”…how cool is that?

item 2 ½  >>> Still LIFEToday, we’re featuring random images from LIFE magazine…May 2, 1955. The cover story was the new Broadway sensation Oklahoma! made into a movie. And I must tell you, I did some research a while back, lost in my stacks-o-stuff before I had a chance to organize it, but the gist is this: That “tradition” of Blue for Boys, Pink for Girls we’re coming to in item 3 isn’t nearly as traditional as it’s made out to be. Well into the first half of the 20th century, women’s magazines and etiquette mavins were arguing about which was correct, with old-timers sticking to the “traditional” Pink for Boys, Blue for Girls, and peacemakers timidly suggesting yellow or green for everybabe. The older tradition took the Blue from the Blessed Virgin as a girl’s color, while Red for boys represented the blood of battle, diluted to Pink. And if you doubt it, just think back to what colors our bicycles were…or what color Marshal Dillon’s shirt was on Gunsmoke.

item 3 >>>  Pink’s Your Daddy…So anyway…I guess I can see shirts, ties, socks…but that sport coat seems a bit much, even for the anything goes, psychedelic Fifties…

item 4  >>>  But if he is going Pink…Might was well go all the way, nez pah? Despite what it looks like in this illustration, that’s Shadow Gray over Coral…they didn’t offer Black in any fashion that year…

item 5  >>> OMG, I’m Gonna Smoke!…This lady seems disproportionately excited, or am I misreading this? Interesting to note that while the Fifties is cosmetically thought of the as Scarlet Crimson Decade, she’s all decked out pretty in pink, lips and nails. And the Tareytons on the right…”Modern Size” was a fancy name for Kings…but check the mini-filter…like they really gave you more tobacco in those days…and don’t forget, some regular-sized smokes also had filters, even shorter ones than that…

item 6 >>> Hope’s Chest…Seems like the perfect gift, since she already has a typewriter. BTW…yes, they had electrics back in the Fifties, altho as you can see, a good deal bulkier than what was to come…

item 7 >>>  Stuff the Overnighter…Her Aunt Hope, for whom Hope was named, gave her one of these…but here again we come up against the size issue. Pre-transistor, the radio takes up fully half of the space, despite the convenience spin the copywriter gives it. Honestly, a separate radio and vanity case would have made more sense, but go be modern, and God Bless…

item 8  >>> Generic Flakes and Cream of Soup…As a kid, I didn’t know packaging graphics were called “trade dress,” or anything else…but for some reason I was really attuned to it, and was especially fascinated by “fake” products meant to represent generics. This is from an ad for milk.

item 9 >>> Parents are going: Please God, don’t let him win!!!…A bunkhouse, pool, skates, fine…but a goddam horse? D’oh!

item 10 >>> Ladyfingers….I love this layout. When I grow up, I wanna marry a girl with fingers like that. And You Might Be a Baby Boomer If…you can look at this ad see absolutely nothing phallic going on, nothing…we just never took things that way, still don’t…true fact.

Wicked Ballsy 

And you might REALLY be a Baby Boomer if…you remember when this is what dungarees were all about. And the more precocious among you might have wondered what The Phone Company had to do with blue jeans, but your Mom told you: It’s just a Qualitag, jeez, go watch cartoons or something…

shame-o-no plugamatix…

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