DFHC 4/25/2011

item 1 >>> Now Playing  Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne  Haven’t been too many tunes come down the pike in the last decade that I really liked…but this is one, by gum…from 2003.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†!…  Polka Changed My Life Today  From the mid-80s TV show Crime Story…the group is Rotondi.

item 3 >>>  Here, Mom…You Can Throw Them Out Now…Did you get caught up in the baseball card frenzy of the 1980s? Buying complete sets in those long boxes, instead of painstakingly assembling one pack by pack? How convenient. Checked the buying prices lately? Barely more than you probably paid for them. Oops. Fortunately, I didn’t, altho for some reason I bought several sets of minor league cards in 1979 and 1980. At least now I have nice photos of the worst baseball uniform of all time. It was worn by the Tucson Toros of the Pacific Coast League…and quite frankly, I gave up trying to count how many colors went into this…but for good measure, the back of the jersey is a nice shade of blue, that doesn’t coordinate with anything else…OK, maybe the stirrups. I seem to recall that even at the time, it didn’t seem like a good idea…

item 4  >>> Rain-Blow…I know that a lot of folks look back on the Houston Astros rainbow duds as being pretty awful…but did you know their top farm club, the Charleston Charlies, had the same groove going, only in blue? Not for nothing, but notice where the parent team put the player’s number…well, where else…on his face?

item 5  >>> Come Sail Away…and Don’t Come Back…But closer to home, the Lynn Sailors of the AA Eastern League had a pretty neato half-and-half clown suit, nez pah?

item 6 >>> Camotastrophe…Also in our own back yard…the independent Can-Am League…altho I liked it better in the old days when these were called “outlaw leagues.” In 2009 the Nashua Pride morphed into the American Defenders of New Hampshire, and the only thing worse than the name was the unis. I know…how 2000’s. They’ve since resurfaced as the Pittsfield Colonials, and at last check, look perfectly normal.

item 7 >>>  But the Gayest Uniforms of All…and I mean that of course in the sense that they made people laugh and be merry…had to be the Caribous of Colorado, who played just one season at Mile High, 1978. This was the old North American Soccer League, which was born to great fanfare in 1968, disappeared in 1984. Andy Devine must have been smiling too…

item 8  >>> An Interesting Question…If you’re lucky enough to be what people consider a handsome man or a beautiful woman, you’re free to make a living from your looks, and nobody says boo. But how about the other way around? Suppose you’re really ugly?  Can you exploit that too? That was pretty much the point of circus freaks…and in more modern times, men suffering from acromegaly did that as well. It’s a disease of the pituitary gland, producing excess growth hormone, resulting in exaggerated features and sometimes, but not always, great height, among other medical complications. Perhaps the most famous was 1930s and 40s actor Rondo Hatton, who appeared in over 20 films, and died in 1946 at age 50 just as his “Brute Man” horror series was getting started.

item 9 >>> Angels in the Ring…In the 940s and 50s, several pro wrestlers followed Rondo’s lead, including The Swedish Angel, Phil Olafsson (below left and center) and Maurice Tillet, the French Angel (right). Notice the whimsy with which the Swede was promoted…”Ugliest Wrestler in the World.” And that screen shot of him breaking a board over his head is from his brief appearance in the movie Mighty Joe Young. 

item 10 >>> But Today….ah yes, today…when everyone is a victim, and every difference is a disease. Today they speculate that Abe Lincoln had acromegaly, among other things. Compare him with more recent wrestlers Andre the Giant (left) and the Great Khali…and you tell me..


Wicked Ballsy

Just like grown-ups? Cologne, bath crystals, soap roses, bubble baths…well, a couple of other personal hygiene items do seem missing…but to elaborate further would be rude, so I won’t.

shameless plugs, dusted lightly with pixie powder…

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