DFHC 4/27/2011

item 1 >>> Now Playing  California Man   That great British rock group The Move…in the 60s, rivaled creatively only by the Beatles and the Kinks, IMHO. This is from 1972, as they were on the verge of splitting into Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra and Roy Wood’s Wizzard.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†!  Sarah Silverman with The Poop Song  I watched this and now I have to pee.

item 3 >>>  Scout Terra…did your family have one of these? And did you nickname it “Del Fuego”? I wanna party with you, cowboy! Back then, they understood that an SUV was simply a station wagon based on a truck, not on a car. And if it wasn’t in fact based on an actual truck, you could turn it “back” into one. Altho as we would see decades later with the Chevy Avalanche, even it if had been a truck, you could turn an SUV back into a different truck. Recalling meteorologist John Belushi: March comes in like a lion, and goes out like different lion…only one has a mane and one doesn’t have a mane…you know, you can buy land there real cheap…

item 4  >>> ‘59 Dodge…Was there ever a car better suited to eye-popping paint jobs than this one? After you got past the almost unlimited number of kolor kombinations…

…you realized that even the front was kontrastable…

item 5  >>> Kustom KaravanI love the style of old 50s and early 60s custom jobs…altho they had some, to me, bizarre styling conventions…like those “grills” made up of all little bullets. Or how on this 1959 Buick Invicta, they took away the signal lights, and replaced them with…nothing…blank space. Not sure if this is authentic or a re-creation, but ooooooooh, clean…BTW, if you thought “Invicta” was just a made-up name, turns out it’s Latin for “unconquered.”

item 6  >>> Fake Wood on the Side…That’s what we called it, and I don’t believe “fake” was meant in a negative sense…that’s just what it was…not real. The Ford Country Squire was a milestone in woody wagons…by doing away with the structurally-inspired criss-cross, it announced in effect: Wood is Dead, Long Live “Wood”!  Top is a 1949 Plymouth…bottom, 2 views of a 1955 Ford, with what they called the “plank” look…

item 7  >>> A Farewell to Acro… Well, until the next time anyway. Some victimologists have gone so far as to suggest that Punchinello of “Punch and Judy” fame had acromegaly, due to his exaggerated nose and chin. Well, he was supposed to be a hunchback, but beyond that, I dunno…You might as well throw that Joe Palooka clone Curley Kayoe in there too…strip is from February, 1956.

item 8  >>> Geographically Correct…I suppose it’s almost too silly too even qualify as a pet peeve, but I’ve always preferred it for sports teams to be named after the city they represent, not the state or the region or anything else. Now the expansion Los Angeles Angels did indeed play in Los Angeles…L.A. Wrigley Field for one year, then Dodger Stadium…from 1961 to 1965. They were the Angels because baseball teams in that city had always been called that, going back to 1892…a tradition, like Orioles for Baltimore, or Brewers for Milwaukee. When the team moved to Anaheim Stadium, they were renamed the California Angels…supposedly Anaheim was too small to be mentioned…and after all they didn’t have the Bloomington Twins, nor do we today have the St. Petersburg Rays.

But the were brave enough to call them the “Anaheim Angels” from 1997 to 2004…then backwards to the unwieldy “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim” from 2005 on. They said: Don’t worry, “Anaheim” is still in the name, see? But nobody says the full name…well, giving the Devil his due, Uncle Wiki does. But I got into the habit right from the get-go of calling the team the Los Anaheim Angels…a neat compromise I wish I’d thought of but didn’t…I saw it in the Wall Street Journal. At least it’s not Golden State Angels…or Southern Cali— never mind…

item 9 >>>  MAP IT! And on the subject of Geographical Correctness, you might be a Baby Boomer if…deep in your heart of hearts, you really believe Atlanta is in the West. But there’s nothing like consulting an actual map to set you straight. I remember several years back, the National League was realigning its divisions, and there was concern that Atlanta and Miami wouldn’t be together…the thought was: They should be because they’re “neighbors.” Well, it’s true that Georgia borders on Florida, but people tend to forget how far north Atlanta is, and how south Miami is. In terms of Atlanta’s neighbors,  looks like Cincinnati, then Pittsburgh, would get the bragging rights, when you get right down to it…

item 10  >>> And If You Remember When.…West Virginia and Virginia were all one state, you’ve probably been dead for some time now…the map above is from 1842.

Wicked Ballsy

 When did Wiley’s peg switch legs? From 1967 (top) & last Tuesday (bottom).

shameless plugs, chopped and channeled and lowered and louvred…

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