DFHC 5/2/2011


G4BB vol. 17 coming next Sunday! Watch for it and you won’t be disappointed!

mb 1 »»»»   Burt Reynolds starred in Dan August  as a police Lieutenant…his Sargent was Norman Fell. This was similar to the roll he played 4 years earlier as a private eye working for the D.A.’s office in Hawk…only this time he wasn’t an Indian. Didn’t help.

mb 2 »»»»  Messrs. Capablanca, Lasker, Marshall, Tarrasch, Najdorf, and Reshevsky were all professional chess masters.

mb 3 »»»»  The Broadmoor was a Studebaker…seen here, a 1957…

mb 4 »»»»   Believe it or not, Daisy Duck’s nieces were April, May, and June….awwwwww….

mb 5 »»»»  In yesterday pic, he was getting a little long in the tooth, but that was Johnny Mack Brown…and his horse was Rebel.

mb 6 »»»»  The cab company on Amos and Andy was The Fresh Air Cab Company of America Incorporated.

mb 7 »»»»  Mr. Magoo’s first name was Quincy.

mb 8 »»»»  Frances Ethel Gumm, youngest of the 4 Gumm Sisters, went on to be known as Judy Garland…gee, can you guess which one she is?

mb 9 »»»»   Marlboro’s menthol sister brand was Alpine, seen here as promotional lighters..


mb 10 »»»»  The Opel was a German product of General Motors, and you could buy one at your local Buick dealership…hence Max drove a gold one when Buick sponsored Get Smart in 1969.

10 fresh ones tomorrow…

shameless plugbusters…

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