DFHC 5/4/2011

mb 11 »»»»  On The Dick Van Dyke Show, Mildred Krumbermacher became Millie Helper, as played by Ann Morgan Guilbert, married to next-door-neighbor Jerry the dentist.

mb 12 »»»»  Vince Coleman stole 110 bases for the Cardinals as a rookie in 1985…the next year 107, and the next 108. Most ever in a season after that for him was 81. But in the minors in 1983, he set an Organized Ball record with 145 steals, one more than Donnell Nixon had that season.

mb 13 »»»»  If you said Ulysses S. Grant  is buried in Grant’s Tomb, you only get half credit…his wife Julia is buried there as well.

mb 14 »»»»   Andy Warhol’s people hailed from what would then have been Czechoslovakia, but today is the country of Slovakia. A similar thing happened in my family. My maternal grandmother was born in Poland, altho today it’s located in the Ukraine.

mb 15 »»»»  In that famous nightclub scene in The French Connection,  “Everybody Gets to Go to the Moon” is performed by the Three Degrees. I couldn’t find the famous scene from the movie, but you can hear them in the trailer…Check it out here:   French Connection trailer

mb 16 »»»»  “Ye” does not mean “your” in this context, but instead simply “the.” What appears to be a Y is actually an Old English letter, originally from Old Norse, called “thorn” that represented the “th” sound. In script rather than printed style, it resembled the letter Y, hence its use as an abbreviation. Others included Yt for that and Ys for this, as well as Yu for thou…with the second letter written smaller and next to the top of the Y.

mb 17 »»»»  “A rising tide lifts all boats” has been cited in newspapers since the early 1900s, but President Kennedy popularized it. He used the phrase in a speech in August of 1962, and would later refer back to it, calling it “an Old Cape Cod saying.”

mb 18 »»»»  Ms. Marvel  was Carol Danvers, and over at DC, Supergirl was at various times Linda Lee, Linda Danvers, and Linda Lee Danvers…her original Kryptonian name was Kara Zor-El.

mb 19 »»»»   That was Sunset Carson, astride his steed Silver…well, a different Silver…

mb 20 »»»»  Tail-lights from a 1960 Edsel, of which slightly less than 3000 were produced, ending in November of 1959. By comparison, the compact Mercury Comet sold more in its first 6 months than the Edsel did in 3 model years.

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