DFHC 5/5/2011

mb 21 »»»»  We all recall how Chief Thunderthud said “Kowabunga!” on Howdy Doody.  Kowa-actually, he kowa-said kowa-everything, just about. But do you recall Princess Summerfall Winterspring‘s version of this catch-phrase?

mb 22 »»»» What South Carolina city was home to an NFL team for one season?

mb 23 »»»»  In the strip Li’l Abner, what’s his son’s name (left)? And for good measure, how about Snuffy Smith’s son (right)?

mb 24 »»»»   Here’s an old-fashioned riddle: You come out 3 holes when you go in 1 hole…what is it? (Hint: Nothing to do with golf…well, maybe just a little…)

mb 25 »»»»  First he was Ricky Nelson, then Rick Nelson, but do you know what his actual first name is?

mb 26 »»»»  Here’s a geographical oldie but goodie: only one state and it’s capital do not share any letters in their respective names. Which one?

mb 27 »»»»  Napoleon Solo worked for U.N.C.L.E…Maxwell Smart was a CONROL agent…what organization did James Coburn as Derek Flint spy for?

mb 28 »»»»  You may have heard that before they were just the Beatles, they were for a time called the Silver Beatles…but why silver?

mb 29 »»»»   Have you been keeping up with baseball? Who’s the last player to have 4 home runs in one game?

mb 30 »»»»  And what the heck? Who’s the last player to have 2 grand slams in one game?

 The correct answers tomorrow…incorrect answers any time…

shameless plugscoopers…

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Audio samples coming soon…or just check the podcasts…twc-rr so still über-blows turbo…

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