DFHC 5/6/2011

mb 21 »»»»   When the spirit moved her, and it did often enough, Princess Summerfall Winterspring would exclaim Kowa-Goopa! The Indian maid was first introduced to spur the sale of more merchandise to girls…it worked fine, and turning the Princess into a real live girl worked even better. Judy Tyler left the show after several years and looked to be well on her way to stardom…after filming Jailhouse Rock with Elvis, she and her husband took a vacation and were killed in an auto accident in Wyoming, July 4, 1957. It’s said Elvis was so badly effected that he couldn’t attend the movie’s premiere. Here she is out of her ceremonial garb…

mb 22 »»»»  The Carolina Panthers played their first season 1995 in Memorial Stadium at Clemson University, before moving to their present home in Charlotte in 1996. And Clemson isn’t just a school, it’s also a town…so the answer is Clemson, SC.

mb 23 »»»»  Abner Yokum’s son is named Honest Abe. The second part  was a trick question, because the lad shown in the coonskin cap is not Snuffy’s son but his nephew, Jughaid. Unka Snuffy and Loueezy did have a child in the 1960s tho, baby Tater.

mb 24 »»»» I don’t know what you were thinking…not sure I want to, really…but if You come out 3 holes when you go in 1 hole, you’re dealing, for the purposes of this riddle, with a Sweater…or T-shirt, or some such…funny how simple, and elusive, the answer can be, but that’s the point of riddles nez pah?

mb 25 »»»»  Full name: Eric Hilliard Nelson, the middle name being Harriet’s maiden name.

mb 26 »»»»  Check the letters if you don’t believe me…P-I-E-R-R-E is the capital of S-O-U-T-H  D-A-K-O-T-A.

mb 27 »»»»  Derek Flint worked with Z.O.W.I.E., which stood for Zonal Organization for World Intelligence and Espionage…which I guess made more sense than Zebra or Zanzibar…if barely…

mb 28 »»»»  The Quarrymen, Johnny and the Moondogs, they tried different names. In 1960, Brian Cassar, leader of another Liverpool group Cass and the Cassanovas, suggested the pirate-inspired moniker of Long John and the Silver Beatles, after Long John Silver of course. (BTW, in ye olde days, “long” meant tall.) Lennon didn’t like the first part, but was OK with the rest, and they were variously Silver Beetles, Silver Beat, and Silver Beatles…this was before Ringo joined, when Pete Best and Stu Sutcliffe were still members.

mb 29 »»»»   This used to be one of the most celebrated single game achievements…I guess it still is, but you tend to lose track, at least I did. 15 Players have done it. After Willie Mays in 1961, it was 15 years to Mike Schimdt, then another 10 to Atlanta’s Bob Horner. I actually saw him do it on TV…got home, clicked in on just in time for #3 and I stuck around for #4. Ironically, the Braves lost  that game to the Expos 11-8. Since then, Mark Whiten 1993, Mike Cameron and Shawn Green both in 2002, and the latest is Carlos Delgado with Toronto in 2003. But of course the beauty of baseball is, somebody might do it tonight!

mb 30 »»»»  If anything, 2 Grand Slams in one game is even quirkier than 4 Home Runs. It’s happened 13 times…Baby Boomers probably best remember Jim Gentile 1961, Jim Northrup 1968, and Frank Robinson 1970, not to mention the first National Leaguer to do it, Braves pitcher Tony Cloninger, July 3, 1966. Then a 25 year wait and a relative flurry in the 1990s…Robin Ventura, Chris Hoiles, Nomar Garciaparra, and the Cardinals Fernando Tatis with 2 in the same inning, a first, March 23, 1999. Since then, Bill Mueller in 2003, and the last would be Washington’s Josh Willingham in 2009…but like I said, check the papers tomorrow morning. And just so you know, and I’m too lazy at this moment to look up the specifics, but the record in the minors for a single player in a single same is 8 Home Runs and 3 Grand Slams, different times, of course.

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