DFHC 5/7/2011

mb 31 »»»»   Since the beginning, there had been “luxury” cigarettes that were extra long. But the 100mm craze was kicked off in 1966 by what brand? Coincidentally, or maybe not, it was also the first mainstream smoke to go King Size.

mb 32 »»»»  Before the Ford Falcon in 1960, which make had a model in the 1950s called the Aero-Falcon?

mb 33 »»»»  In the movie version of Guys and Dolls, who sang “Luck Be a Lady Tonight”?

mb 34 »»»»  A famous singer  and a famous actress were both born in Roswell, New Mexico…the former before the flying saucer episode in 1947, the latter after. Can you name them?

mb 35 »»»»  Opposites for 200, Alex. What’s the opposite of retrograde, meaning backward movement?

mb 36 »»»»  For Boston Red Sox fans: what was Butch Hobson‘ actual first name?

mb 37 »»»»  In the late 1960s, what actor and comedian was the drummer for the group Chamæleon Church, part of the ill-fated Bosstown Sound promotion?

mb 38 »»»»  “Superman” was in the movie Gone With the Wind…what part did he play?

mb 39 »»»»   An old classic: Brothers and sisters have I none, but this man’s father is my father’s son. Who is he?

mb 40 »»»»  In order of acceptance by the Dog Fancying community, list these Labs chronologically: Yellow, Black, Chocolate.

Shocking answers Monday!!!

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