DFHC 5/9/2011

mb 31 »»»»   As near as I can figure, Pall Mall Gold came out in July of 1966, just a couple of months ahead of Benson & Hedges. Mind you, Pall Mall King Size was a non-filter, pure tobacco…so Gold was really the first Pall Mall with a filter.  Of course, Benson and Hedges had the same idea about going 100mm…PM called it “luxury length”…and while PM was the more established brand, that “Disadvantages” campaign made all the difference. And no, “A Silly Millimeter Longer” was Chesterfield 101s, not B&H…jingle to the tune of “La Bamba.”

mb 32 »»»»  Willys-Overland  was a successful manufacturer of passenger cars…with models like the Whippet and the Americar… up until World War II, when they worked solely on the legendary Jeep.  After the war, the Jeep continued into the civilian market, and by 1952 they were ready to relaunch a passenger car line, the compact Aero-Lark, Aero-Wing, Aero-Ace, and Aero-Eagle. In 1953 the Aero-Falcon was added. These cars were discontinued after the 1955 model year, to focus on the Jeep alone.

mb 33 »»»»  Altho arguably Guys and Dolls is Frank Sinatra’s movie, and he does having several songs as Nathan Detroit, it was Marlon Brando as Sky Masterson who warbled “Luck Be a Lady Tonight,” which would of course become one of Frank’s signature numbers.

mb 34 »»»»  Roswell, New Mexico…that would be John Denver born 1943…and Demi Moore in 1962.

mb 35 »»»»  “Retrograde” ready does have an opposite and it’s “prograde“…moving forward.

mb 36 »»»»  As you can see below, Butch Hobson’s actual first name is Clell…middle name Lavern…seriously.

mb 37 »»»»  The drummer and sometimes keyboard player for Chamæleon Church was none other than Chevy Chase. Their one LP came out in 1969. Before that, at Bard college, he was with the Leather Canaries, featuring his pals Walter Becker and Donald Fagen…but to say he was an original member of Steely Dan is…ahem…a stretch.

mb 38 »»»»  At age 25, George Reeves played the role of Stuart Tarleton, Scarlett O’Hara’s original beau at the beginning of Gone With the Wind. Now there’s one movie aren’t you glad they have’t tried to remake…yet…

mb 39 »»»»   Brothers and sisters have I none, but this man’s father is my father’s son. Who is he?…For some reason…perhaps subconsciously you’re expecting a trick…the answer is most often given that “this man” is “me”…or “you,” the poser of the riddle. But if you simply look at it…”my father’s son” has to be me, since I have no siblings, as the opening line states. And if “this man’s father” is me, I am the father of this man…hence he is my son. As Archie Bunker would say, ipso fatso.

mb 40 »»»»  Labrador Retrievers, the same as Collies, were originally all black. Around the beginning of the 20th century, yellow pups in a littler were still routinely “culled.” But they eventually gained a following, then the browns…so the chronological order is Black, Yellow, Chocolate. The big brouhaha today is the grays, called Silver Labs. The bone (you should pardon the expression) of contention is whether they’re gray because of an intermixing of Weimaraner blood, which would make them not pure Labs. Well, not yet…all breeds were originally mixes of one kind of another. Dog Fanciers will sort it all out eventually, and wonder what all the fuss was about.

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