DFHC 5/10/2011

Today brought to you by the letter P

1. Name the parents of the 101 Dalmatians.

2. This famous image from 1973 was produced by Leon Harmon of Bell Labs, and introduced the general public to the concept and process of what?

3. This was a high end Packard model from 1951-1954, and has nothing to do with St. Patrick, tho you might think so. What was it called?

4. I Lead Three Lives was a TV drama in the 1950s…the 3 lives were…family man, FBI agent, and communist infiltrator. It was based on the exploits of a real-life spy, first name Herb, last name what?

5. The Salem, Massachusetts telephone exchange PI stood for what?

6. In 1973, the New Riders of the Puple Sage recorded a song about a “Latin Lover” and his white horse Mescalito. Can you name him?

7. Oddly enough, this Charlton Comics Super Hero of the 1960s was one of the few a carry a gun…..and yes, his name began with the letter P, as do all today’s answers.

8. From the Greek, what’s the prefix meaning “thick”?

9. The real name of what 50s and 60s baseball player was Victor Felipe Pellot Pove?



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