DFHC 5/11/2011

Today brought to you by the letter P

1. His name was Pongo..and if you remembered hers as something along the lines of Perdition, you’re on the right track…or road to, or whatever. She was named after the heroine of the Shakespeare play A Winter’s TalePerdita. That’s Latin for “Lost One”…and indeed perdition refers to the loss of one’s soul, spiritual ruin, eternal damnation…and like that there, generally.

2. It’s an integral part of computer imagining today…Pixelation. At the time he was experimenting with principals of facial recognition, and by extension, determining the minimum amount of raw data that could still accurately convey information…which in this case of course was a pic of A. Lincoln. Today, the process is used more to obscure than communicate, ironically enough.

3. It was called the Patrician. Nope, no credit for Paltroon or Potentate, sorry.

4.  Richard Carlson played the 3-way man, Herb Philbrick. It was syndicated from 1953 to 1956, and featured the real Herb as the narrator.

5. PI stood for Pioneer.

6. That would be the good old Panama Red…the south-of-the-border version of Jody-Got-Your-Girl-and-Gone.

7. Well, slightly odd to carry a gun, since most Super Heroes didn’t have to…he was The Peacemaker…which now that I think about it, was the nickname of a gun, but I don’t think that was the point in this case. His weapons were said to be “non-lethal”…but his philosophy remained peace thru violence…which has kind of a ring to it, sez me.

8. Pachy means thick…mosty commonly in pachyderm, or pachycephalas…thickheaded…

9. Vic Power…and he had a little, with 126 homers in 12 seasons…best was 19 with the A’s in 1955. Died in 2005, in his home of Puerto Rico.

10.  If I’m not mistaken, they polish Polish shoes with Polish shoe polish, nez pah?

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