G4BB 18: C-C-C-Cousins




18.1 Last week’s puzzle was to construct a Parental Tree where Abner was First Cousin Once Removed to Zeke, and 2nd Cousin to Zeke’s Mother. The challenge is this: Usually the Mother of your 1C 1R is your 1st Cousin…which is the whole point of the Removed…and that’s Descending. The Mother of your 1C 1R Ascending (i.e. the Mother of your Father’s 1st Cousin) would be your Father’s Aunt, or your Grand Aunt. But in this case it’s neither…it’s your 2nd Cousin.

18.2 Here’s my first stab at it. In Chart 54a, Abner’s Mother e is shown in 2 different places, hence the shading. This is because on the one hand she is a presumed contemporary of Abner’s Father h, hence next to him…but at the same time she is the 1st Cousin of f, who is h‘s Grandfather, so she’s opposite him as well. In Chart 54b, I settled on one place for e, and flipped her line of descent around to the other side…such is the art behind the science of these diagrams…whatever floats your boat.

18.3 Let’s check it: at the top, c and d are Siblings. Their children e and f are thus 1st Cousins…and their children Abner and Zeke’s Mom are 2nd Cousins…that checks. Zeke’s Mom is also a Sibling of g…so their children h and Zeke are 1st Cousins, and h‘s Son Abner is Zeke‘s 1st Cousin Once Removed, so that checks.

18.4 This is how it came out when I first sketched it, and as we’ve seen, it works. Obviously there is a bit of in-breeding, with e marrying h, who is her 1C 2R. Their Coefficient of Relationship is equal to that of 2nd Cousins…completely legal virtually everywhere in the world, altho not kosher in some religions, which is what got Rudy Giuliani in dutch…his first marriage was annulled when it was discovered they were 2nd Cousins, not 3rd Cousins as they claimed they’d supposed. No comment, sez me.

18.5 But in the statement of the puzzle, what we really have are 2 people related to each other in 2 different ways…and that should also be possible in a non-inbred way, since everyone normally has 2 unrelated sides to their family. Thus Abner and Zeke can be 1C 1R on one side, and 2C 1R (which is the same as Abner being Zeke’s Mother’s 2nd Cousin) on the other, and that’s what we’ve done in Chart 55…again with 2 variations, e being in 2 places in 55a…then around to the other side and just once in 55b. And notice that while in Chart 54 everyone is related, in Chart 55 there are 2 families involved, the 2nd family is in yellow: f, h, i, and j.

18.6  So…c and d are Siblings, e and g are 1st Cousins, thus Abner is 2nd Cousin to Zeke’s Mom…check. And thru Zeke’s Father i and Uncle h, Zeke is 1st Cousin to j, and 1C 1R to j‘s Son Abner…double-check. And here there is no in-breeding…the 2 relationships stated in the puzzle are done separately thru Zeke’s Maternal side and Paternal side.

18.7 And while I’m not prepared at this time to say that any 2 relationships between 2 individuals are possible…in both inbred and non-inbred trees…it’s beginning to look that way, you know?

18.8 Now the inspiration for this puzzle was a so-called expert’s pronouncement that William and Kate were 14th Cousins Once Removed, and that Kate was a 15th Cousin of the Queen herself. This is certainly wrong…but to frame the puzzle, I took 14C 1R and 15C…and reduced them to 1C 1R and 2C. But you might have noticed that I also changed the relationship from Grandmother (QEII to William) to Mother. Chart 56 does it with Abner and Zeke, and with Mother changed back to Grandmother, both inbred and not.

18.9  Chart 56b offers an excellent opportunity to figure the various relationships…for example: Zeke’s Grandma is Abner’s Great Grandma. Abner is 2nd Cousin to his own Great Grandma. Since Abner’s 2nd Cousin’s Great Grandchild is himself, he is his own 2nd Cousin 3 Times Removed. What’s more, since Abner’s Mother married her 1st Cousin 3 Times Removed, Abner is his own Mother’s 1st Cousin 4 Times Removed.

18.10 As for Chart 56a, all that was needed was for Abner’s Mother to marry her 1st Cousin Twice Removed’s Wife’s Nephew…which is to say her 1st Cousin Twice Removed’s Brother-in-law’s Son. That was easy.


18.11 For the next several weeks I thought we’d raid somebody else’s mailbag and answer some questions I found on a website called wiseGeek, here @#$%. This lady attempted, not entirely successfully it turns out, to explain how Cousins are determined, and generated a bunch of personal examples that needed sorting out. Only a couple were addressed by other posters, so let’s dive right in…

18.12 Queries 13, 24, and 26 all amount to the same thing, so I’ve grouped them together.

<24> Here your girlfriend’s Great Grandmother Doris is your Father’s Aunt, hence your Grand Aunt….making you 2nd Cousin to your girlfriend’s Father, and 2nd Cousin Once Removed to her. Can you marry? Absolutely…I am unaware of any jurisdiction outside of religious that prohibits 2nd Cousins from marrying, and you guys are only half as related as 2nd Cousins would be, so go for it!

18.13   <26> is the same kinship relationship as <24>, just said in a different way. Your Grandmother I’ve named Lola, and her Aunt is your boyfriend’s Grandmother Doris, so again you guys are 2C 1R.

18.14  And <13> describes the same relationship in yet another way. OK, so as you can see, Dom…you and Tim are 2C 1R, since Tim and your Mom are 2nd Cousins. Moral of the story: there are many ways to get from there to here on a Family Tree.

18.15  Sure enough, <15> comes out with the same answer, Second Cousins Once Removed. As you can see, Lola and your Grandmother Doris are 1st Cousins…Doris’ Son (your Father) and Lola’s children are 2nd Cousins…and to Lola’s children you are 2C 1R. So, OK, the kids are related to you in some way…like you said, like.

18.16 One point worth emphasizing is the way in which Cousins differ from Fathers and Uncles: If someone is a blood relative of your Father or your Uncle, he is a blood relative of you. But this is not necessarily the case for Cousins, since Cousins have relatives on the “other” side of their family, the side not related to your side. Of course your Cousin’s “other” Cousins could be related to you, then you’d have some sort of Double Cousin relationship.

18.17 Another way to put this: you are automatically related to both sides of your Father’s family…and your Uncle’s…and your Grandfather’s…but not necessarily to both sides of your Cousin’s family, or your Nephew’s for that matter. In fact, I’ve got some charts already done showing just what this looks like, and I’m dying to use them next week…so I believe I will, same time, same blog…

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