DFHC 5/16/2011

Superhero  Stuff

In the early 1960s, Stan Lee and Marvel sparked a rebirth of the Super Hero comic book genre. Capes and cowls fit in perfectly with the Trivia, Pop Art, and Camp fads…and the craze exploded with the debut of the Batman series. New publishers  sprouted like weeds…Lightening Comics existed for several months in 1967 with just 2 titles…Tod Holton, Super Green Beret and seen here, Fatman, the Human Flying Saucer. I know, don’t ask…amazingly, it lasted 3 issues before the whole enterprise folded.

Thing is, this was created by the team that was responsible for Captain Marvel, next to Superman the most popular hero of the 1940s. But artist C.C. Beck and writer Otto Binder couldn’t adapt to the “new” relevent story lines…their juvenile style, while appropriate to the more innocent Golden Age, just didn’t make it in the Swinging Sixties. Still, because of rarity and the undeniable pedigree, these books are prized today. “The Only Comic Hero with 3 Identities”? Well, I suppose maybe, if you don’t count Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El…duh.

blockless Plugman…

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