DFHC 5/17/2011


While writing for the New Yorker magazine, James Thurber would doodle little cartoons in pencil, then throw them away. Fellow writer E. B. White would rescue them from the waste-basket…and one he liked so much, he inked and submitted to the art department. It showed a seal, looking at 2 specks in the distance, and saying Hmmm…explorers.

The seal cartoon was rejected by the art editor…”What makes you think that you can draw?” …but White kept resubmitting it, then others, all rejected. Eventually Thurber and White wrote a very successful book, with Thurber’s illustrations.

The art director then came around looking for “that seal drawing,” which had by this time been disposed of for good. “Just because I reject something, don’t throw it away!”…that kind of jazz. When Thurber tried re-drawing it, the rock the seal was perched upon reminded him of a headboard, and so the whole idea morphed into a bedroom tableau…one of Thurber’s most famous and best-loved drawings.

seal-less plugs…

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