DFHC 5/27/2011

Now Playing  Bitter Honey  I think it’s safe to say that if it hadn’t been for the Beatles, the hoary old Four Freshmen never would have ended up sounding like or looking like this…

 LQQK @ †h∆†!   ROOFTOP!   My, my, my…weren’t we lucky to do when we did…

Wicked Ballsy Beatles, pt 4

It took LIFE magazine a couple of weeks to notice, but notice they did, with a feature article on the Fabs in the February 22, 1964 issue. Today, a few pix from same. “Lee Oswald” posing with his gun was on the cover, not that real life should intrude on all the fun or nuthin’. The lads themselves wouldn’t grace the cover until August, once it had been established that this was the real deal, next-big-thing-wise…

From a purely visual point of view, much of what constituted the Beatles phenomenon was unique and new, but much also was simply a product of the times…

This ad is most likely just a coincidence…after all, people banged on git-boxes before B-day, I believe.

And the cars rolled on…but the world was about to take a mind-blowing detour…

I say shameless, you say plugs…

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