DFHC 5/30/2011

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The Everlovin’ Hulk Blues

Or actually, I guess that should be the Hulk Grays and Greens…because as you can see above, left, he really was colored gray the first time out. The story goes that Stan Lee chose that color so as to “not suggest any particular ethnic group.” Whatever. Trouble was, in that first issue his skin tone came out various shades of gray, even greenish, so they decided green was a more practical pigment. In all flashbacks and origin reprints, he was green from the git-go, until 1984 when they decided he really was gray to start with, and subsequently changed to green…and that’s, as they say, now canonical.

That first comic book came out in May, 1962, and continued for 6 bi-monthly issues…but didn’t sell well, and was cancelled as of March, 1963. But fan mail convinced Lee there was something to the character, and it stuck around, guest-starring with the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, even Spiderman…and a year and a half after cancellation, became a regular feature in Tales to Astonish, which was renamed The Incredible Hulk 4 years later.

As to the name “The Hulk” itself, it had been bouncing around Marvel for some time…I count at least 4 previous incarnations, all one-shot affairs.

The first appeared in Strange Tales, June, 1960. Geekster Albert Poole, nicknamed Shrimp and Shorty by his compatriots, invented a suit of armor and became The Hulk…when the story was reprinted, renamed Grutan.

Then in November of 1960, Xemnu the Hulk was featuring in Journey Into Mystery…this alien invader was Xemnu the Titan in reprints. Hulk Hogan was a towering cowpoke versus the Two-Gun Kid in Gunsmoke Western,  March, 1961. It’s said that Terry Boulder ne Bollea got the Hulk nickname after appearing on a talk-show with TV Hulk Lou Ferrigno. Vince McMahon rechristened him Hulk Hogan in 1979. Seems likely it was just a coincidence, since the cowboy Hulk Hogan was hardly an iconic bad guy, like Jesse James or Black Bart. Still, hoo nose?

The 4th Hulk was probably the strangest…in a story in Tales to Astonish, July, 1961, he was a character in a movie who came to life and jumped off the screen to terrorize the world. In reprints, he was renamed The Glop. Oddly enough, the original Glob would also be renamed the Glop, since by that time there was another Glob…ironically a foe of, you guessed it, the Hulk. Goes around, comes around, nez pah?

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