DFHC 6/2/2011


Wicked Metal Crayons

When we left the youthful yours truly yesterday >> here <<  , he was wishing for more metallic crayolas…Nickel, Platinum, Sterling Silver, Tin, Stainless Steel, Rose Gold, Blue Steel, Aluminum, Green Gold, the possibilities were endless. But nothing would arrive for 30 years, and then only in a foreign country.

Well, technically a foreign country…culturaly, Canada is part of the US, regardless of what the map says. But in 1987, they came out with the Metallic collection above. As you can see, they got it right with Bronze, Brass, Rust, even Cast Iron and Titanium…descriptive variations like Aged Copper and Tarnished Gold…even the cheeky green Kryptonite…surprised they didn’t get sued for that one…maybe they did. But purely descriptive color names would soon give way to more fanciful creations, and Bluetonium was a taste if what was coming.

What what was coming to the US was ther Silver Swirls in 1990. This was an odd concept, and not a successful one…the idea that what made something “shiny” was it being “silvery.” The effect was or or less metallic, altho the names were getting less so…Wintergreen Dream? Twilight Lavender? Misty Moss? Whatever. And note these were considered Specialty Crayons by Crayola, not sold in the basic boxes, what’s known as the “Core Colors”…altho to this day various Specialty Crayons have been added to Core Colors in the larger boxes, presumably to use them up, but with the result that there is no longer a standard color line-up for any size larger than 24. And NFN, but the 8, then 16 Fluorescent shades began as Specialties, but today are Cores.

Crayola’s 2nd American try at Metallic crayons came in 2001 with the Metallic FX set above. These were richer, smoother colors than the Silver Swirls, but also more shimmering than shiny, as indeed the Core Gold and Copperhave becomer duller than what we Baby Boomers might remember. And some of these names are downright idiotic…kind of hard to read here, so they are: alloy orange, b’ dazzled blue, big dip o’ rudy, bittersweet shimmer, blast off bronze, cyber grape, deep space sparkle, gold fusion, illuminating emerald, metallic seaweed, metallic sunburst, razzmic berry, sheen green, shimmering blush, sonic silver, and steel blue. Well, at least some sort of lower case bronze for the Olympics, in or out of outer space…

 BTW, all of the crayon colors shown today were unique…none repeated an earlier metallic color…and discontinued sets are usually to be found on Ebay, at least American ones.


 shimmering sheenless razzmic plugs…


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