DFHC 6/3/2011

 Wicked Ballsy Pitching 

  Long-haired hurlers…nothing new, noting the Big Unit from several years back…

 Ambidextrous pitchers are so rare, it’s hard to know if there’s any advantage to it…but I guess there’s enough of a profit margin on gloves that one company can afford to make a dozen a year…

 On the other hand (ha ha), Pat Vanditte appears to be using a home-made rig, pitching in college for Creighton. He’s been in the Yankees farm system since 2008, currently at AA Trenton. On March 27, 2011, he made his switch-pitching debut in a Yankees Spring Training game.

 At least 3 switch-pitchers appeared in the majors in the late 1800s…Tony Mullane, Elton Chamberlain, and Larry Corcoran.

 The only ambidextrous pitcher in the the modern era was Montreal Expo Greg A. Harris, who pitched both ways for one inning in the next to the last game of his career, September 28, 1995. He pitched righty to 2 batters and lefty to 2, retiring 3 and walking 1.

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