DFHC 6/9/2011

Still 5 More They Won’t Play on the Radio


(1) Paper Tiger/Sue Thompson

Pussy Cat

Solo girl group sound, with a surprisingly agressive message for the early 60s.




(2) Cold Turkey/Plastic Ono Band

Thanxgiving leftovers

Raw rock at its best, and in a sense a Beatles cut, since by that time they were all pretty much “doing their own thing”…




(3) Double Back Alley/Rutles

Da Rutles

An inspired take-off on the Beatles’ story, both video and audio, if anything a little too self-concious, but I’ll take it…this is their spoof of “Penny Lane”…as they flog their memory…




(4) Banana Boat Song/Stan Freberg

Me Say Dayyyyyyyyyo

On the radio today, no funny records allowed…so throw that wireless in the garbage can, sez me…



(5) Question of Temperature/Balloon Farm

Hot Helium

Back in high school, 1967 or 68, this kid was getting a group together and needed a name…I think they settled on the Chartruese Pineapple…but one of my suggestions that’s stuck with me all these years was the Swiss Underground Balloon Factory…obviously inspired by these guys, a wild cross between bubble-gum and punk (what’s called today “garage bands.”)








shameless plugs, going out to Buzz, Bambi, Bottles, and Buckets…

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