DFHC 6/10/2011

Yet 5  More They Won’t Play on the Radio

(1)  Walking My Cat Named Dog/Norma Tanega

woof woof

Goofy folky thing, not heard on the radio today because the name Norma doesn’t “test well”…sheesh and double sheesh…


(2)  Soul Food to Go/Manhattan Transfer

Soul Food 2Go

Something good from the 80s? The decade that musically lost the Baby Boomers forever? Strange but true…



(3)  Peggy Sue Got Married/Buddy Holly

Tie Da Knot

You’d be surprised how many artists back in the day recorded follow-ups to their biggest hits…most weren’t very popular, but give a listen…this guy could bring it, boy…



(4)  Walk a Mile in My Shoes/Joe South

Mile Walker

4 or 5 fine singles in the late 60s for someone who’s greatest impact was as a songwriter…not giant hits, but still sounds good 40 years later.


 (5) Three Cool Cats/Coasters

puss, puss II, and boots

The Beatles performed this at their ill-fated Decca audition, January 1, 1962…but here’s the original by the Coasters…they were named after a train in their home town of L.A. 


shameless plugs, going out to Fudgie and Breather in Beanburg… 

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