DFHC 6/14/2011

Little Brothers…

If these cars look like shrunken versions of American cars, there’s a reason: they were made by the Japanese Prince Motor Company, and they were taking their styling cues from us. The firm that made the Zero airplanes began manufacturing utility vehicles soon after the war, with passenger vehicles coming in the mid-50s, and a name change from Tachikawa to Prince. Here top row, the 1957 Skyway, 1959 Skyway…bottom row, 1959 Skyline, 1960 Skyline which, along with the Gloria, and despite the small size, became Japan’s leading luxury models. None were imported to the US until 1966, when Prince merged with Nissan. The Gloria and Skyline have continued to this day…in the US they are known as the Infiniti M and Infiniti G.

Yes, taking cues from us, even so far as the slanty-eyed headlights of the 1959-60 Lincolns and others…altho I’ve seen worse than this 1961 Skyline Sport, with hand-built bodies by Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti. Only 500 were made.

And this is the Sprint, from 1963…a prototype that never went into production.

shameless plugs, tucked and rolled…

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