DFHC 6/20/2011

Wicked Ballsy Potted Dreams

As if you didn’t need more evidence that we have too many laws, there are entire books written addressing the complexities of packaging law, or as it’s technically called “trade dress law.” One of the fundamental principals seems sensible enough: you cannot portray on a package something that isn’t in fact in the package itself…what you see should be what you get.

Of course, the loophole is big enough to drive a dump truck thru, and that’s the 2-word phrase “serving suggestion”…literally, an illustration of how you may use or serve the product contained therein. I call it dishonest, deceptive, “lying” not to put too fine a point on it, but then our world, especially  merchandising and advertising, is so completely permeated with BS that we hardly notice. And it can have it’s absurd moments…take for example…

You might suppose the company is trying to legally absolve itself from any disappointment the consumer might feel when they discover that a bowl or plate is not actually included with the product, but I believe there’s more to it than that. “Packed in chicken stock” suggests that the contents are a bit messier, liquid-wise, than portrayed on the label…those sausages have been drained…just so you don’t the wrong idea. Duh.

Now imagine you’re vacationing in a foreign country, where you don’t speak the language, and for some reason you’ve resolved to do you own cooking. Cruising the isles of a supermarket, I daresay you’d soon become quite perplexed as to what exactly you were purchasing, when perusing the various boxes and labels. You’d pretty much have to resign yourself to getting some of what is pictured on each item, just not all of it, or probably not even most of it. Some adventure, eh?

But this can happen here at home too, with products you’re not familiar with. Take pork brains…

These are typically served with eggs, or as this serving suggestion suggests, scrambled eggs. But no, there are no eggs in the can, just the mushy pink stuff. No parlsey either, don’t get your hopes up. But you want a laugh? Check the % on cholesterol…

You read that right: 1170% Yikes! And some go as high as an even 1200%. BTW, I’ve never seen this product, but I’ve only lived in the Northeast…perhaps you have it where you live. And in the photo below, the lamb tongues are actually from New Zealand…they couldn’t find any domestic…bon appe— oh, never mind…

shameless plugs in a hearty lamprey broth…

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