DFHC 6/22/2011


YOU MIGHT BE A BABY BOOMER IF…you remember when you had dead animals, or pieces thereof, around the house…everybody did…rabbit’s foots…fox tails for your bike…coonskin caps…various stuffed fauna. We had this really old, obviously souvenir, stuffed baby allegator.

Then there was clothing…they called these fox scarves…

My Mom used to wear one back in the 1950s…as a little kid, I was always fascinated by this savage critter biting its tail so it wouldn’t fall off from around her neck. She eventually gave it to my sister, and to see it today, it’s, ahem, pretty mangy…from above…

See, it barely had back legs, just little tufts of fur, and the head…right, bottom, wasn’t very impressive…barely descernable ears, wimpy snout, one eye missing…here’s the whole fashion carcass from below…

The bottom jaw was removed, replaced by a piece of metal, covered with braided perl cotton thread, and hinged to snap shut…

A close-up of the head from above…I’m telling you, this dude was much more ferocious 50 years ago…a fox’s tale…

shameless plugs, foxy…

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