DFHC 6/28/2011

And That’s No Yoke…

Buffalo Bills introduce new uniforms…going back to the white helmets of 1974-83. Below, top…the original helmets, and the Joe Ferguson era…below, bottom…a secondary logo announced but unused in 2002…and the new look, so they’ll look really spiffy when the Pats thump ’em twice…

2012 will mark the 5th year of the Toronto experiment…one home game per year and a handful of pre-season games in Toronto. Apparently the Bills have done well financially, but not so the city of Toronto…one columnist calls it an “untimigated disaster.” Below…the series logo, a suggested helmet for the “Toronto Bills,” and the suspiciously similar “throwback” helmet of 1994, which of course never existed in the past…they just took the red helmets and slapped on a white standing bison, assuming nobody would notice the colors were reversed from the real deal…duh…

But the good news is, those “nuns’ habit” road unis are a thing of the past…considered by some the ugliest in the leauge, altho I think the armpit-stripe (“sweat-stain”) introduced by the Broncos and copied everywhere are worse. BTW, the Bills called that dark bib-like thing a “yoke”…tres gay sez moi…

shameless plugs & beefalo buffs…

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