DFHC 6/30/2011

4 Weeks in June…week two…

Let’s flip thru the June 11 issue…and examine exactly what’s going on here. You’ve just surprised a creamy, dreamy, heartbreakingly wholesome girl-next-door in her shower…and she looks pretty enthusiastic about it…and what might happen next. It’s enough to make a budding adolescent male pop a nad. Is it any wonder the nuns told us LIFE was a “dirty” magazine. BTW, the “don’t you wish everybody did” shower-shot campaign was one of the longest-running in advertising history.

One of the neatest names for a soft drink ever…and another classy example of the “shot from above” photographic technique.

Iconic Sixties dairy miracle…how the hell did they do that?

A supremely ditzy example of supplying a need that nobody had. Did you try these before they disappeared forever? 

There’s nothing like a cowgirl…and Sixties cowgirls were in a league of their own. Long may they run…

For whatever reason, I was really jazzed up by merchandizing, branding, naming, advertising, the whole deal…and nowhere as much as in the tobacco industry…Lucky filters? It’s a brave new world, cousin, and welcome to it…

charcoal-activated luxury-length shameless plugs…

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