DFHC 7/2/2011

4 Weeks in June…week 4

Images from LIFE magazine, June 25 1965…

OK, they’re coffin-nails, but this is a really clean, well put together graphic, IMHO…still, did anyone really wear a “BE PARTICULAR” button?

Once they’d established the basic format, I have to think these VW ads pretty much wrote and composed themselves…

From the cover story, this is one of LIFE’s most famous wildlife photos…so that’s why they have those stripes…uh-huh…

Some people call the 1935 Chevy Suburban the first SUV…I disagree. To me, the “sport” in “Sport Utility Vehicle” suggests a certain smallness, like a sports car. I would rate the Suburban, to this day, a truck-based station wagon, and station wagons…car-based, truck-based, or “crossover”…are not SUVs. The first was therefore the Jeep “Station Wagon” in 1946…but in the modern sense, the International Harvester Scout founded the dynasty in 1961…altho that’s not much of an outdoorsman getting out to greet the customer at his home, is it?

Yup, now I see it…

shameless plugs…and loving it…

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