DFHC 7/13/2011

Who Watches Big Brother?

Having grown up in the North Shore area of eastern Massachusetts, I am duty bound to dislike Joe Torre, Dodgers or no Dodgers. That being said, when he was a player, I really gave him little thought, except to note he was one of those rare examples of a younger brother upstaging an older one in the Majors. The only other significant example I can think of off the top of my head is Ken and George Brett.

Usually, its the big brother who’s the star, the younger one not so much…starting with Hank and Tommie Aaron…and on to Tony & Billy Conigliaro, Dizzy and Daffy Dean, Bill and George Dickey, Carney & Jody Lansford, Ollie and Oscar Brown, and of course the DiMaggio’s, Joe, Dom, and Vince, who all had the middle name “Paul,” after their father’s favorite saint.

Oh yeah…another reverse case is Vic Davilillo, whose older brother Yo-Yo (actual first name Pompeyo, so who’s to say?) had a mug of java with the Senators in 1953. And did you know Richie/Dick Allen was the middle brother of a Major League trio, with Hank older and Ron younger? Anyway, today, I’m giving props to big brother Frank…so there.

  And while Joe eclipses Frank in career stats all down the line…it’s interesting to note that Frank did have more walks than strikeouts while Joe obviously did not…and Frank was better at stealing bases, altho he clearly picked his spots…I’m just sayin’…

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