DFHC 7/16/2011

Today,  Some  Musical  Selections  If  You  Please,  a.k.a.  Some  Musical  Selections  If  You  Don’t  Please…

…There were so many great Chuck Berry songs they never played on the radio, and I can’t for the life of me understand why, except the obvious explanation that only morons were in charge…here’s one that was always good for me…   ALMOST GROWN

…”Rock and Roll Part 2″ was the throw-away B-side to the single, that turned into the iconic  hit. Here’s the original A-side, “Rock and Roll Part 1,” actually quite popular over in Europe…and 2 drummers, too cool…  PART ONE

…just plain good honkin’ music…and not to run afoul of the Pigment Police, but it’s interesting to note all the guys on this record were Caucasian…   DOWN THE ROAD A PIECE

…same song, by the Rolling Stones…is Mick having fun or what? Answer: what.  MORE WHITE GUYS

…one of the reasons radio is dying is the ease with which you can customize your own listening material. So when I hear today’s so-called “country” music, I just harken back to stuff like this. Not for nothing, but the Grateful Dead performed this tune at Woodstock…but what’s with that gay set…I’ll be Merle was just tickled, um, fuchsia…  MAMA TRIED

…The Spotniks were from Sweden, Europe’s answer to the Ventures…watch this clip and see if you don’t see a foreshadowing of Devo and their robotic take on “Satisfaction”…   ROCKET MAN

…And now a word from out sponsor…and a rare chance for Americans to see themselves thru the eyes of others. But the Stars and Stripes in your arm-pit? You’d be tempted to think this was a clever hoax, but it’s absolutely authentic, from around 1973, from Australia…they also made shampoo…and maybe the world’s worst lip-syncing?   U NEED UNCLE SAM

shameless plugs in the key of H-minus…

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