G3BB 27: loose endz…

Loose Endz

27.1 No sooner had I finished posting last week’s chapter, than I came across another version of the Pedigree Chart…one that squeezes the maximum amount of information into the smallest space. They call it a “Fan Chart.” I call it a Space-Saver…

27.2  I haven’t been able to determine if this is a new invention, or has been around forever. This one certainly has an heirloom look to it…a “suitable for framing” moment?

27.3  Here’s a blank chart, ready to go…

27.4   And here’s an unusual variation where the males get bigger wedges than the females. And practically speaking, there can be a male bias in genealogical research.

27.5  For example, if 5 sisters get married and have families, you’ll be going in 5 different directions, tracing 5 different last names. For 5 brothers named Gasachstahagen, all the info you want will be bunched up under the Gasachstahagens. Call that sexist if you like, but that’s just the way things work in our culture. And there’s an interesting bonus for Baby Boomers…many women of our generation chose to keep their maiden names when they got married, which makes them easier to track down all these years later.

27.6   But since our naming convention is patriarchal, it’s natural in constructing a family tree to initially concentrate on people with your own last name, before you tackle the maiden names of your female direct ancestors. I know it’s the way I’m doing it, but I’m not intending to give short shrift to those “other” surnames, and neither should you. Still, this thinking tends to pervade our culture. Ethnicity is assumed based on last name.

27.8 For example, many years ago there was a regular season football games dubbed the “Polish Bowl,” since the opposing quarterbacks  were Ron Jaworski and Steve Bartkowski. Trouble is, all we know it that their fathers were Polish…and if they’re mothers weren’t, Ron and Steve would be just as Polish as someone with a non-Polish last name, whose mother was Polish, right? I knew a guy with an Anglo-Saxon last name who considered himself Italian…well, Sicilian actually… thru his mother. So there ya go…


27.9 In reviewing all my wiseGeek answers over the past weeks, I noticed I skipped one, #28…plus 3 new ones have been posted there, which is odd, since you don’t get answers over there…you do over here, obviously, so then why not ask here?  I’m stumped…anyway, onward…

27.10  Yup, 2nd Cousins will do it. Sorry I missed ya, pal…

27.11  “Other than being friends”? Well, I don’t know how old you are, but you might be at that age when your best friends for life are also your mortal enemies…we’ve all been there. Now as you can see in Chart 92,  your Cousin marrying your friend’s Uncle has unified 2 different families…but you have no relation except by marriage…you’d be your friend’s Uncle’s Wife’s 1st Cousin…or you could say your friend is your 1st Cousin’s Niece by marriage…but that’s pretty the best we can do.

27.12 Acceptable? Absolutely. I’ve never heard of a legal jurisdiction or a religion or church that forbids the marriage of 3rd Cousins Once Removed…don’t you go starting one now…

27.13  Youz guys are 3rd Cousins. This is another case of the “relative that doesn’t exist”…wouldn’t your Uncle’s Cousin also be your Father’s Cousin? But once again, it’s possible your Dad isn’t in the picture, so we’ll just go with what you told us, and that amounts to 3rd Cousins. Notice that in Chart 94, I’ve left off the “siblings/cousins” labels, assuming by this time you’re starting to get the hang of how the “Cousin Line” works…1st comes from Siblings, 2nd comes from 1st, 3rd comes from 2nd, etc. More next week…chow4now…

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