DFHC 7/18/2011

Fun With Mirrors

Let me ask you this: how do you take an image on your computer and flip it upside down? Here’s a kitchen for example…

And to make it a little easier to follow, I did a screen capture to add some additional accoutrements…

So how do you flip it upside down? Most image manipulation programs…on my Apple, I’m using one called Paintbox…have a command called Flip Vertical. Sounds like that should do it, right? So let’s give it a try.

Well, close, but no cigar. When something is upside down, you can then look at it upside down, and it’ll be rightside up. Look at the above upside down, flipping your monitor, or probably better, just twisting your head, and you’ll see the wording of the task-bar…now at the bottom… is strangely reversed. So that didn’t work. The correct answer is, you must apply a Flip Vertical followed by a Flip Horizontal, as follows…

There, that did it. Alternately, you may take your original image and apply Rotate Right…or Rotate Left, it doesn’t matter…twice….assuming those rotations are 90 degrees. If Rotate 180 degrees is available, that works too. But isn’t that interesting? Upside Down and Flip Vertical turn out to not be the same thing!

But since this is called “Fun with Mirrors,” you might have noticed that when we applied just a Vertical Flip, the kitchen and the task-bar flipped, but the word COOKBOOK remained strangely readable!  And that’s because, as we now know if we’ve put 2 and 2 together, COOKBOOK is vertically symmetrical.  But since we know that Upside Down entails both a Veritcal and a Horizontal Flip, and doing that does not leave COOKBOOK unchanged, COOKBOOK consequently isn’t horizontally symmetrical…make sense?

And sure enough, if you look at the original image in a mirror, then twist your head upside down…voila!…COOKBOOK is normal again. In other words, looking at something upside down in a mirror cancels out the Horizontal Flip, and leaves just the Vertical Flip, which in our case reveals the vertical symmetry of COOKBOOK.

And if I got all that right, I owe myself $10 because I bet myself I couldn’t…

shameless plugs with a tall sparkling glass of…….

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