DFHC 7/26/2011

G*O*I*N*G    C*R*A*C*K*E*R*S

Looking at the banner for my other blog, I got to thinking about the extension of the Nabisco Thins line in the late 1950s thru the 1960s. Today, I believe only Wheat Thins still exists, albeit in many different varieties. Maybe Vegetable Thins too, altho I can’t find them on their website. But from back in the day, I count 9 different Thins…you remember any others?

In the course of doing the research, I met up with many more old favorites, including Nabisco’s many ill-fated attempted in the 1960s to market meat-flavored crackers, of which only Bacon really lasted…ah, the fruit of the pig…

Well, Chicken in a Biskit hung on quite a while……which I must tell you gets my vote as the all-time worst tasting cracker ever conceived, even worse than Vegetable Thins, which were pretty bad IMHO. And the names they gave these cracks were pretty lame too, including this one that I’ve never been able to figure out (left)…

I’m thinking maybe it’s a play on pic-nic…but then who wears a chef’s hat to a picnic, I’m wonderin’?

But I was tickled to discover that when I googled “Hammies” to find a picture, I got my own blog from almost a year ago…wow!

And I found a couple of varieties I’d never heard of…

What was the last of the non-Wheat Thins Thins? I’m speculating it was Oat Thins  from the Oat Bran Scare of the late 1980s. This dates from 1989, by which time Cheese Wheat Thins, introduced in 1985, were apparently long gone.

Well anyway, spread ’em if you got ’em…

shameless plug thins, regular and now in pimento ‘n chive…

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