DFHC 7/27/2011


There are few things I enjoyed more growing up than reading the “funny papers.” Adventure strips, gag strips, I ate it up.  Comic strips that nurtured my comedic tendencies…and taught me…included Pogo, Peanuts, Miss Peach, The Smith Family, Andy Capp, L’il Abner, the list goes on and on…then a little later, Tumbleweeds, Funky Winkerbean, the short-lived Wayout, and ultimately of course Doonesbury. But the one that towers over all the others…at least in terms of strips I cut out and saved…and paperback reprints I bought…was Johnny Hart’s B.C. For me, it was to funnies what Laugh-In was to TV…it pulled me all the way in.

Perhaps you remember that from 1963-1965 Hart also drew magazine ads for Dr. Pepper. What perhaps you don’t recall is that the cast of characters was completely different from B.C.  It was a whole other set of cavemen, no crossovers at all.

And despite being named after a something on your foot, Bunion inspired the creation of Grog, as related by Hart in interviews, and as seen here with some perhaps slightly clumsy “big mouth” gags. I have to think he was saving his best yucks for his “meat and potatoes” strip…

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