DFHC 7/28/2011


…being sort of a play on Bill Doggett’s 1957 instrumental “Ram Bunk Shush”…altho you might better remember the Ventures’ guitar-laden version from 1961. But then, remember on the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show, there was always an alternate title, so…

or….Apple’s and Orange’s

Don’t think anything demonstrates the degradation of language skills better than this excerpt from an ad in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal. The Fox network is touting the “return” of football…as if it were really going anywhere with all those billions of dollars on the table…and quite honestly at first I didn’t understand what that “10” meant, with the apostrophe in front of it. It’s supposed be be an abbreviation for the year 2010, in which case they blew it big time, nez pah?

Altho they got it right with “America” somehow. I was going to sketch out the problem, but I found this on the web which explains it so well, whey reinvent the wheel?

Using an apostrophe when you mean to form a plural is so commonplace these days as to be completely unremarkable. But here are a couple of other queer formulations…can you find the error?

But while we’re on the subject, here’s Victor Borge’s famous routine on Phonetic Punk-Chew-A-Shun… !@#$%^&*(   plus a little bonus…   Go Tonto!

‘s’hameles”s’ plug”’s’…

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