DFHC 7/29/2011

3 Wicked Ballsy But Completely Unrelated Things

Geez, I miss Johnny Carson and especially his Carnac the Magnificent routines. Answer: 36, 24, 36, and 9...Question: What are the Girl With Something Extra’s measurements…Ed McMahon nearly spit up, he was laughing so hard…

Some people collect stuff from McDonalds…me, not so much. I do have a baggie full of those “coke-spoon” coffee stirrers from many years ago…damned if I know where they are or I’d show ya. But the news that they’re cutting the amount of fries in the Happy Meal in half reminded me of when they McDiscontinued the Super Size and I put this aside…can it really be 15 years ago?

People Who Used to be Famous and Are Now Long Forgotten #217…He made his living as a professional tall person, under the name of Uranus…real name believed to  be Jakob Nacken…

soapless plugomats…

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