DFHC 7/30/2011

Wicked Ballsy Bone-Age 

The Flintstones didn’t have a pilot episode as such…just a 2-minute “test reel” was enough to sell the series. At this time, the family’s last name was still Flagstone…also in the running was Gladstone, after a Los Angeles telephone exchange. The change to Flintstone came to avoid confusion with the comic strip Hi and Lois…their last name was Flagston. As might be expected, the characters hadn’t yet evolved into those we know and love…

Here’s how the girls looked…

And the boys…that’s Barney in his spear-fishing get-up…

The voice cast was also different…Daws Butler, who together with Don Messick was Hanna-Barbera’s 2-man repertory company, did both Fred and Barney. Jean Vander Pyl was Wilma, and June Foray voiced the odd-looking Betty. You know June perhaps best as Rocket J. Squirrel, altho Mel Blanc was once called “the male June Foray,” such was her standing in the industry.

Once the series got on the air, only Vander Pyl remained…Alan Reed was now Fred, Mel Blanc voiced Barney, and Bea “Petticoat Junction” Benadaret was Betty.

You might notice in several episodes of the 2nd season, Barney’s voice sounds different. That’s because Daws Butler pinch hit for him while he was recovering from a horrific car crash that almost took his life…yes, it happened at Dead Man’s Curve, the same one Jan & Dean sang about, west along Sunset Blvd., just past North Whittier Drive. In fact, the whole rest of the 2nd season was recorded in his hospital room.

But as often happens, there were a few continuity glitches at the beginning. For example, the first Little Golden Book featured the Flintstones’ son Fred, Junior…no, he never appeared on the TV show, which is why you probably never heard of him until now. No, no, don’t thank me, that’s what I’m here for…

shaleless plugstones…

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