DFHC 8/2/2011


It’s a very dicey thing to look at the past thru the eyes of the present…to judge what they did yesterday based on the morals and sensibilities of today. I know…wrong is wrong…but there’s also some truth to the old saying Was you there, Charlie?

To take one highly charged example, the North American slave trade. Horrific as it was, the inconvenient truth remains: of the 4 cultures primarily involved…Arab, European, African, and American Indian…none of them viewed slavery as anything but a normal, acceptable part of life. True, you didn’t want to be one, but somehow people were unable to extend this sentiment to their neighbor. You shake your head, but it was what it was.

Today I’m thinking of freak shows. Listen, life was tough…you didn’t have all the social safety nets we do today. You had to eat, as did your family. I blogged about acromegaly (among other things)_here… April 25, 26, and 27. It’s a disease that strikes men mostly, but women are not immune.

Born Mary Ann Webster in London, she married and had 4 children before the illness hit, in her early 30s. She had worked as a nurse, but no longer could…and when her husband died, she supported her family by appearing at a Coney Island sideshow. She also made appearances at the World’s Fair and Ringling Brothers Circus. When she died at age 59, she was only 5 foot 7, 168 pounds, not excessive for someone with this disease. Do we have a right to judge? I dunno, I really don’t…

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