DFHC 8/4/2011

…and we start with a provocative question: Was Snoopy fixed? Sure, for any other pooch, it would be the responsible thing to do…but the thought of a non-intact Joe Cool just doesn’t sit right, does it? Now I realize that some people consider that if it didn’t appear in the actual comic strip, it’s not canonical (i.e. it’s not “official”)…but for what it’s worth, here’s evidence that he…um…wasn’t…you know…what I said…

Next, from 1969, what looks like a comic strip, but is in reality a solicitation for paperboys…in this case, from an Omaha rag…

I was a monster Al Capp and Li’l Abner fan forever, but by 1968, he had lost his edge, what can you say? And why parody Peanuts now…a good decade and a half after it had become the #1 strip in creation? “Good Old Bedly Damp” is the artist, the main character is Pee Wee, and his dog is Croopy.  Some on the web marvel at the “savage satire” of this sequence, but I don’t see it…it’s OK, ha ha, but hardly brilliant.

Now here’s a what-were-they-thinking? moment…a clean Pigpen, manufactured as part of a set of Peanuts toys by a company called Hungerford in 1958. Note the flesh-colored shirt…and he’s living his life as a blond?

Maybe they were thinking something along the lines of what Schulz himself was thinking a year later…

But yeah, over the years, I cut out and saved strips I liked…still do, actually. I especially like these surreal examples…I mean, they couldn’t’ve just run old strips? Who’d’ve noticed?

“Circumstances Beyond Our Control,” huh? Nobody believes that. Ever. What, did you just fall off the turnip truck? BTW, for Peanuts hair-tastrophes, check today’s Stolf’s Blog…

shameless WWI flying plugs…

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