DFHC 8/6/2011

Overseas Relay…open Channel “D”…

When the secret agent craze hit toydom in 1965, there were only so many “real” spies to go around…Ideal licensed The Man from U.N.C.L.E.,  Multiple had 007 James Bond (remember B.A.R.K.?…Bond Assault Raider Kit…) The others had to invent their own. Mattel had Agent Zero-M gear and Big Jim action figures. Marx countered with WWSA 05 (that’s World Wide Secret Agent) and Mike Hazard, Double Agent…oh yeah, and the Sooper Snooper. Sears sold their own ISA 07-11 line, that’s International Secret Agent, and Western Auto went with something called A.G.E.N.T., which as far as I know didn’t stand for anything…perhaps they tried, and just plumb gave up.

But one of the most popular was the Secret Sam collection from Topper. They were actually in a pretty good position to be quick off the mark, having great success with the Johnny Seven O.M.A. (One Man Army) stuff earlier in the decade…these were geared more towards military combat, especially jungle warfare…

But they remained popular right thru the spy fad, complimented by the Secret Sam gear.

Politically incorrect as this was, at least it didn’t blow soap bubbles…

Perhaps the strangest from Topper was Sixfinger…as you can see, not technically part of the Secret Sam line…with that all-time classic tag-line: I wonder how I ever got along with Five!

Meanwhile, there were some pretty lame entries, like this from Transogram…um…secret agents don’t wear capes, dude

But it didn’t last more than a couple of Christmases, quickly eclipsed by Lost in Space, then Batman. Trouble with secret agents I think was, there was no real “dress-up” elements to it…just weapons and brief-cases, trench coats and slouch hats…comparatively borrrrrrrring

s.h.a.m.e.l.e.s.s. p.l.u.g.s. codename X-777…

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