DFHC 8/10/2011

Ask Uncle Cool Daddy Twice Removed

Dear Cool Daddy: On Petticoat Junction, how exactly is Joe Carson the uncle of Kate Bradley? …from Barney Jo in New Pixley

Dear Barney Jo: In a word, I don’t know. I’m 99 44/100% certain he is her uncle, and not her brother as is sometimes suggested, altho on which side is unknown, at least to me…was Kate’s father a Carson or her mother? Now I am a big booster of the “Fan Logic” game in general, and TV genealogies in particular, but the only way to do that right is to get the box-set, watch every episode, and jot down ever scrap of information…which I haven’t as yet done. Much of what you’ll find will prove the common knowledge on the internet, and elsewhere, to be flat out wrong.

Like where Uncle Wiki says Kate and Pearl Bodine from The Beverly Hillbillies are cousins…see this Sunday’s Genealogy for Baby Boomers for the complete scoop. And you need the box-set, because those will be complete episodes as originally aired…what you see on TV today is heavily edited to make room for more commercials.

I know Kate had many kith and kin who popped in and out over the 7 season…like Shirley Mitchell, who played her cousin Mae Belle Jennings. She was an overbearing fried green tomato who wrecked havoc for 3 episodes of Season 4 in the Spring of 1967, then appeared again in the Spring of 1968, volunteering to run the Shady Rest in Kate’s absence. She was superseded by Kate’s more level headed sister Aunt Helen, played for 6 episodes by Rosemary DeCamp (remember her on Love That Bob as Bob Cummings’ sister and Dwayne Hickman’s mother?). This was when Bea Benaderet was dying of lung cancer and too sick to work. Below, Helen on the right, Mae on the left, a befuddled Uncle Joe sandwiched in the middle.

4 years earlier, DeCamp had a one-shot role as Emily Mapes, Kate’s old school chum who having recently remarried, thought Kate should follow suit. And she was on 2 episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies during the first season as Mayflower scion Pricilla Rolfe Alden Smith-Standish…whom Mrs. Drysdale thought would be on her side re the hillbilly menace, but wasn’t.

Dear Cool Daddy: So what’s a 2nd cousin exactly…and I don’t want you to tell me what you think it is, but what it really is, gabeesh? …from Aunt Junior in Sopranoburg

Dear Aunt Junior: Normally I’d forward questions like yours to Stolf’s Sunday feature of this blog, Genealogy for Baby Boomers. However, this is your lucky day, as a woke up this morning with this diagram clearly in my mind…no joke, seriously…and I believe it’s what you’re looking for…

Spelling it out in word form, and it’s the honest truth, so help me, my hand to God…

Your 1st Cousin is the Child of your Parent’s Sibling.

Your 2nd Cousin is the Child of your Parent’s 1st Cousin, and
                                 the Grandchild of your Grandparent’s Sibling.

Your 3rd Cousin is the Child of your Parent’s 2nd Cousin,
                                 the Grandchild of your Grandparent’s 1st Cousin, and
                               the Great Grandchild of your Great Grandparent’s Sibling.

Your 4th Cousin is the Child of your Parent’s 3rd Cousin,
                                 the Grandchild of your Grandparent’s 2nd Cousin,
                               the Great Grandchild of your Great Grandparent’s 1st Cousin, and
                              the Great Great Grandchild of your Great Great Grandparent’s Sibling.

Shameless Jo Pluggies…

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