DFHC 8/12/2011

Son of Ask Cool Daddy

Dear Cool Daddy: I remember having Yellowstone Kelly junk as a kid, but my sister says she does too. Yuck, girls’ toys! What’s the frickin’  deal?  …from Buster, East Nowheresville

Dear Buster: Calm down, man. Allowing for the variation in spelling, there were indeed boy and girl Yellowstone Kellys. The boy’s version was from a 1959 Warner Brothers movie about a frontier scout. John Wayne was the intended lead, but he chose to film The Horse Soldiers instead.

It’s funny how cross-pollinated TV and movies were in those days. For example, for years after, anything Robert Vaughan was in was officially promoted as starring “that Man from U.N.C.L.E.” Here, the main selling point seems to be the presence of 2 of WB’s TV stars, from Cheyenne  and 77 Sunset Strip respectively. Also on hand were John Russell from Lawman and Ray Danton from The Alaskans, where he played the saloon owner Nifty Cronin. But Kelly was in fact a real person, Luther Kelly, born in Geneva, NY in 1849.

Now for the girls, Yellowstone Kelley came along in 1974, sort of an extension of the Malibu Barbie concept, available in both plastic and paper formats…

Other “Sports Set” offerings were Newport Barbie and Sun Valley Barbie.

Dear Cool Daddy: Today it’s all Concept Cars, Idea Cars, Experimental Cars, Show Cars, Prototypes, yadda yadda yadda. In my day, didn’t we call  them “Dream Cars”? Or am I nuts? Crimeny!  …from Gus in the Model Garage

Dear Gus: Everybody’s on edge, geez. If you are nuts, it’s not because of this, because you remember right. In fact, I recently stumbled across the possible origin of the term, an article from Popular Science Monthly, February 1951. It was titled “The Dreams that Make the Fords.”

Now these were just drawings, but what’s telling is this same issue had an article about what’s considered to be the first of the breed, the full-size, completely functional Buick LeSabre, and notice what they call that.

Bar Harbor shameless plugs, paper or plastic…

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