DFHC 8/18/2011

dear friends:  In less than 2 months, Deep Fried Hoodsie Cups will be a year old. My rule has always been: write what you would enjoy reading yourself, and looking back on old posts, I’ve certainly succeeded in that. But I shake my head in amazement at how much work I used to put into this…not surprisingly, I simply couldn’t keep up the pace.

I know the original intent was to focus on the North Shore of Massachusetts where I grew up…I suppose it was inevitable that the focus would broaden…and a re-launch with renewed focus in the form of yet another blog is not out of the question at some point. But for now, it appears I have found a comfortable format in Ask Cool Daddy…and given the slow but steady increase in the number of daily hits, you all seem to agree.

Which is not to say there won’t be other types of daily posts in the coming months…I like the short but sweet Memory Buster quiz format, and also taking one issue of an old magazine and pulling out bits that you might find interesting. But anyway, thanks again for your support…and consider mashing that donate button!

Keep Askin’ Cool Daddy

Dear Cool Daddy:  My second cousin and I love word games, but she showed me this one and I’m stumped. How does this sentence make sense? Can you give me the answer, so I can show here how “smart” I am? …from Anna Eve Nessen, Palindrome NY

“Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.”

Dear Anna Eve: You’re cheating! And I’m helping! Mind you, most people would find this pretty ridiculous, but not word game fans, that’s for sure. But let me back up a bit and take a running start at an explanation of how this sentence makes sense. And I’ll start with dogs.

To “dog” someone is to hound (ha ha) or pester them. You can dog a dog. Dogs can dog other dogs, and once dogs have been dogged by other dogs, they get can it into their heads to take it out on still other dogs, and dog them. Thus: “Dogs dogs dog dog dogs.”

Now to be sure you see the sense in that, you can put in commas: “Dogs, dogs dog, dog dogs.” Or we can try it with non-identical words…say for example that those cats which get chased by dogs are themselves more likely to hunt down and kill mice. So we have: “Cats, dogs chase, kill mice.” Removing the commas: “Cats dogs chase kill mice.” The structure is: “Nouns, nouns verb, verb nouns.”

But there’s also a verb “buffalo,” meaning to baffle or bewilder, which ironically enough is what’s happening here. You know, your second cousin is really evil. But unlike dog/dogs…and this is the nasty twist…the plural of the animal buffalo has no “s” on the end, like deer and fish. Thus we have: “Buffalo, buffalo buffalo, buffalo buffalo.” Removing the commas: “Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.”  And again, to spell it out, when buffalo get baffled or buffaloed by other buffalo, those bewildered buffalo are very likely to turn around and do the same thing to yet other buffalo.

But in real life, you might wonder if this really happens…if buffalo, purposely confused by their buddies, are prone to take out their frustrations by befuddling other unsuspecting buffalo, who obviously did nothing to deserve such treatment…but then since when did Nature make sense, right?  Well, I read a study once ( 😉 😉 ) done on some captive buffalo in Buffalo, NY, and this was indeed found to be true. In other words: “Buffalo buffalo, Buffalo buffalo buffalo, buffalo Buffalo buffalo.” Eliminate the commas, and zip this over to your second cousin, but tell her the caps-lock key got stuck:


BTW…if there was a monetary wager associated with this conundrum, I hope you’ll cut me in for a taste. That would be only be right, right?


See today’s Poutine-on-a-Stick here: Stolf’s Blog for the set-up on this. Teen actor and jazz musician Craig Hundley was on a Star Trek episode in the 3rd season, and also this one from the 1st season “Operation: Annahilate!” He played Captain Kirk’s nephew Peter, whose father Sam Kirk was killed down on the planet by flying hunks of fake plastic vomit, remember? Anyway, for most of the episode “Petey” was in a coma in Sick Bay…this scene on the bridge was filmed as an epilogue but never used…

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