DFHC 8/19/2011

Ask Cool Daddy, Guitar Hero

Dear Cool Daddy:  We here in Northeastern Ohio enjoy reading your column! My question is this: haven’t there been several really cool rock groups that hailed from our neck of the woods? …from Your Favorite Cousin in Warren

Dear Cuz: First, let me correct you…you seem to be confusing me with Stolf, the originator and owner of this blog. Indeed, his father was born and raised in Warren, Trumbull county, just north of Youngstown. But Cool Daddy is from an affluent suburb of Los Angeles called San Wino. And while Stolf…Astolfi…is Italian, Polish and French Canadian…my ancestry is Dalmatian and Pomeranian. Yeah, he calls me “you dog you” but both are real places…Pomerania is now half in Germany, half in Poland…and Dalmatia was on the Adriatic coast, part of Yugoslavia, as was. BTW, that’s a sketch of me above, between Gorgo & the Hood…no photos, pleez…

But yeah, and bear in mind, I’m taking these from generally available sources and my own memory…if I mention a city, and it’s “well, technically, they’re not actually from there per se”…my apologies to the sticklers. Like Wild Cherry of “Play That Funky Music, White Boy” fame…they hail from Steubenville, also the birthplace of Dino Crocetti (who?)…altho founder Rob Parissi is from Mingo Junction. Signed by Terry Knight to his newly formed Brown Bag label after his split with Grand Funk, they put out a couple a decent singles, my fave being “Show Me Your Badge” in 1972…but of course had greater fame later as a disco/funk band. Also on Brown Bag, the legendary Mom’s Apple Pie, from your own Warren, featuring Stolf’s cousin on vocals. Famous for what’s regarded as the rudest LP cover in history…Terry’s idea, on the theory that bad publicity is better than none at all.  (I have inverted the colors in a tepid attempt to render it less, um, rude.) Good solid Chicago/BST sound, and some unreleased tracks have recently tuned up…google ’em, please.

The Raspberries hail from Cleveland, born of the amalgamation of 2 of that city’s top garage bands of the 60s, the Choir and Cyrus Erie. Eric Carmen, from Lyndhurst, joined the latter, after failing an audition with the former, which included the other 3 future ‘berries. But there was a lot of cross-pollination…Wally Bryson was a member of both groups off and on, and prior to his juicy power-pop success, Eric had formed the Quick with Choir founder Dann Klawon…their 45 “Ain’t Gonna Stop Me”  isn’t too swift…check it on YouTube if you don’t believe me.

The James Gang of course…founded in Cleveland in 1966, but really got going with the arrival of Joe Walsh in 1968. He was born in Wichita, raised in Columbus, family moved to the Big Apple when he was 12, and the whole deal came together when he was a student at Kent State. Members of Warrant were from the Akron area, likewise Pretender Chrissie Hynde, and Alice Cooper guitarist Glen Buxton. Speaking of power pop, Youngstown’s Blue Ash (“Abracadabra, Have You Seen Her?”) fits the bill. And 60s one-shot the Music Explosion (“Little Bit of Soul”) were from Mansfield.

Who else? Nirvana and Foo Fighter David Grohl also from Warren…Tom Scholz of the group Boston born in Toledo, raised in Ottawa Hills…Boz Scaggs and Marilyn Manson from Canton…David Allan Coe from Akron…Kentucky’s Dwight Yoakam grew up in Columbus…and Johnny Paycheck, alumni of the Chillicothe Correctional Institution, was originally from Greenfield. Plus in the 70s, the Ohio Players anchored a hot bed of disco and soul down in Dayton, which also included Bootsy Collins, Lakeside, Slave, and Heatwave. Let’s face it, bubbie…Buckeyes rock!

Dear Cool Daddy: Does anybody remember a funny book about a baby elephant and a mean little mouse that tormented him? …from Konnie in Kankakee

Dear Konnie: I do, oddly enough. Dell, Western, Whitman, and Gold Key were all essentially the same company from the 1950s all the way thru the early 2000s. Their success came from licensing other cartoon characters…and from adapting just about every TV show and movie that came down the pike. Now and then they’d try original material…it was usually pretty queasy, but who am I to tell you what to like, right? Of course right. What you remember is Baby Snoots and his murine nemesis Uptite Mouse. Lived in a circus with his parents Mama Dear and Papa Dear, could blow music thru his trunk, and had a bad memory, who new? The title ran from 1970 thru 1975.

But listen, don’t ever let them tell you that the internet has everything…I stump it at least once a day, altho it could always be I’m not trying hard enough. Thing is, i couldn’t find any examples of “elefink jokes” as billed on the cover at the bottom. And I was dying to, because it sounded like a real boss mash-up of 2 then current fads, rat-finks and elephant jokes. Then again, isn’t “elefink” what Popeye calls ’em?

shameless uprite baby ploots…

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