DFHC 8/22/2011

More Ask Cool Daddy

Dear Cool Daddy:  My daughter changes the “wallpaper” image on her computer screen daily, and I swear some of them she puts up there just to get a rise out of me. This one had its day and is long gone, thank goodness, but OMG? Photoshopped you think?  …from Wesley in Weehawken, NJ

Dear Wes: No, it’s legit. It might surprise you about music. No matter what your persuasion, anti-black, anti-white, anti-gay, anti-straight, anti-Infidel, anti-Muslim…there has always been a minuscule but none-the-less feisty sub-genre of recorded songs to go with it. And today, with computers, it’s never been easier, obviously. But some of the pro-segregation 45s of the 1960s would curl your hair (no pun intended, geez)…and there’s a small core who collect them today, mostly for historical reasons, but probably for other reasons too, the world being what it is.

So what we have here is a folk duo called Prussian Blue…fraternal twins Lamb and Lynx Gaede, brought up in a neo-Nazi household…not to be confused with the UK fasionistas Lucy and Plum Sykes, altho I could see how that could happen. They recorded white supremacist ditties that I’ll bet you never heard on the radio, well, not in Weehawken, certainly. But this photo is from their heyday of several years ago. They have since had really bad health problems…one with cancer, the other with curved spine and back pain, and at age 19 have renounced their former views…thanks, they say to medical marijuana. They now think diversity is far out.

Mind you, they still have their doubts about the Holocaust. But before you sneer, consider how you’d feel if someday that became commonplace, and you found yourself on the wrong end of changing public opinion. Too loony to ever happen? Don’t be so sure. And then, let’s hope we’re still living in a free society, where, as Aldai Stevenson famously put it, “it’s safe to be unpopular.” Not for nothing, they have a younger half-sister named Dresden.

Dear Cool Daddy: I seem to remember seeing a movie on late night TV many moons ago about rampaging…Kurds! Could I be imagining it?  …from Kurt in Grosse Pointe

Dear Kurt: Let me take you back to 1958. American muscleman Steve Reeves travels to Italy to star in a cheap Hercules epic. It’s a smash, and starts the whole “sword and sandal” fad, also today called “peplums,” after the tunic or skirt they wore. But whether the hero was called Hercules, Samson, Atlas, Maciste, Ursus, Colossus, or the Son of Hercules, they were all pretty much interchangeable.

When popularity began to wane, the genre expanded to include virtually any historical setting or illustrious personage, so long as there was some heroic resonance to the thing: pirates and pagans, Sabines and Saracens, knights and gypsies…Marco Polo, Sinbad, Sir Francis Drake, the Borgias, Cleopatra, Genghis Khan…Vikings, Maccabees, Bedouins, corsairs, conquerors, avengers masked and non-masked, you name it. “Costume actioners” they were collectively called.

So it was inevitable that in 1965 came Attack of the Kurds…because as we all know, for sheer savage exuberance, only the Cossacks outclassed the Kurds…well, maybe the Tartars, depends who you talk to. Trouble is, as you might recall having seen said flick, if you were expecting something along the lines of above left…you were sorely disappointed. It looked more like Mosul was located somewhere in the neighborhood of the Rio Grande, but that’s show biz…

Dear Cool Daddy: I found your column on Marilyn’s “4 envelope” problem pretty interesting. Here’s the way it looks to me: Marilyn is correct to say that the odds are better if you’re allowed to keep the contents of 3 envelopes, as opposed to the contents of just one…obviously. But this only works if you are allowed to 
freely pick your 3 envelopes! That’s not the case here…your choice is between either: 2 envelopes that are known to be empty and the one you originally chose…or 2 envelopes that are known to be empty and the one unopened envelope remaining on the table. In either case, you get the 2 empties…they’re like the community cards in Texas hold ’em poker. Your choice is between the 2 that are unopened, and that’s simply 1 out of 2, or 50/50.  …from Plato, Sam Houston Institute of Technology

Dear Plato: Couldn’t’ve said it better myself.

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