DFHC 8/23/2011

Ask Cool Daddy by Name

Dear Cool Daddy: I’ve been a fan of the actress Glynis Johns since forever. But what kind of name is Glynis anyway? …from Grindl in Greenwich Village

Dear Grindl: It’s Welsh…the family was from West Wales. Altho interestingly enough, she was born in South Africa, as her parents were traveling thespians. Yeah, what’s not to like? And a gold star for you for putting the “s” on the end of her last name…awesomeness.

Dear Cool Daddy: I’ve collected unusual sports names over the years, and I always liked football player Jubilee Dunbar. What can you tell me about him? …from Aristobule in St-Lous-du-Ha!-Ha!

Dear Ari: Next to nothing. 2 years in the NFL, with the Saints in 1973 and the Browns in 1974, and gone. He was a receiver who went to high school in Lake Charles, LA, and college at Southern University. Career stats: 19 games, 29 catches, 521 yards, 4 touches. And I can tell you that this first name is Allen, so Jubilee is either a nickname or a middle name…you were thinking maybe he had brothers named Alleluia and Hossana? Could be, simply don’t know, sorry. The internet trail is long cold. At right is the only picture I could dig up on him, and it’s not much, I grant you…

BTW, for those of you not from the Canadian province of Quebec, St-Louis-du-Ha!-Ha! is a real place. Named after a kind of sunken fence called a “ha ha”…and by extension, a hidden obstacle or a dead-end path…see here: XXXXX. Unless they officially changed it, the actual name doesn’t have the exclamation points…those have been added relatively recently for the tourism value.

Dear Cool Daddy:  I’m wondering about Santa Fe, New Mexico…who the heck was St. Fay?  …from Franny in Guam

Dear Franny: In a word, nobody. That’s because in Spanish the word “fe” means faith, and the full name of the city is “La Villa Real de la Santa Fé de San Francisco de Asís”…which means the Royal Town of the Holy Faith of St. Francis of Assisi. Which is why some obscure facts make lousy trivia questions…like: After what saint was the city of Santa Fe named? Unless you were a native, good luck…and maybe even then.

But there’s a deeper lesson, and that is, you can’t always translate precisely between languages…the multiple meanings of words just gets too slippery. Yes, santo (“san” for short) and santa are applied to the names of saints, male and female respectively. But these words also mean “holy”…Holy Francis, Holy Monica, etc. So does los santos mean “the saints” or “the holies,” in the sense of  “the holy ones?” Well, both, in a way that is different from English, where the adjective “holy” is equivalent to “saintly,” but not to “saint” per se…altho at the same time, Saint Francis can be referred to as Holy Francis. See?

Dear Cool Daddy:  I really dug the Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose…still have their album. But the cover always bothered me a little. The lady on the right is obviously Sister Rose…making the other 3 the brothers Cornelius…altho the one at the bottom looks a little, um, you know. What’s da scoop?  …from Lola in La La Land

Dear La La Lola: Sure, it struck me the same way. I chalked it up to live and let live, and let it go at that, if you get my drift and I believe you do. But it turns out, when the group was formed, it really was just 3 siblings…Carter and Eddie and Rose. By the time they were famous, another sister had joined them, Billie Jo. Here’s a picture of all 4, and as you can see, um, you know. And hey, is that some ‘fro or what? Ai caramba.

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