DFHC 8/24/2011

Still More Ask Cool Daddy

Dear Cool Daddy: Hey, I found another “color negative” album cover…did this come out before or after Ten Years After’s?…  from ? in Mysteriansville, NH

Dear ?: Nice catch…and that would be after. Alvin Lee and company were dissatisfied with their first studio-recorded LP in 1967, so their next effort, titled “Undead,” was recorded live, to capture the true “flavor” of their music. Home computers today can easily reverse a color negative, called usually “invert color,” as we see below. The Nazz III record came out in July 1971. That’s Todd Rundgren lower left on the cover.

Dear Cool Daddy:  Ever heard of Chubby? Any relation to the brothers?   …from Bubba in Safety Squeeze, Massachusetts

Dear Bub: Nope, never did until you asked, and thanx. Chubby played for the Athletics and the Indians from 1936 thru 1943…his first 2 seasons as a first baseman, then primarily as a pitcher. It’s interesting to note that the obit published in the NY Times mentioned he was a distant cousin (below)…while that in The Sporting News, presumably considered authoritative,  did not.

But since the Dean brothers were from Lucas, Arkansas, and Chubby from Andy Griffith’s home town of Mt. Airy, NC, I’m guessing it’s far distant cousins…but that won’t stop me from snooping…watch this space…

Dear Cool Daddy: Why does football star Maurice Jones-Drew have 2 last names? …from Jean-Claude, in Truth or Consequences, NM

Dean JC: Well, there is a “racist” story going around that this increasingly common formulation represents shout-outs to recently discovered biological fathers, but most I researched proved to be more prosaic: a dual surname used by the parents as a compromise between the wife taking the husband’s name and her keeping her own name. That’s the case of Phoenix Cardinal LaRod Stephens-Howling…altho on the other hand, his team-mate Daiveun Curry-Chapman’s bio says he’s the son of Marilyn Curry and nothing more, so who knows?

But to answer your question, he was born Maurice Jones-Drew, his father a Drew, his mother a Jones. Pop left them, and he was raised by this maternal grandparents Maurice and Christina Jones. The older Maurice was a probation officer in a suburb of Oakland. Still, as a kid he went by the name Maurice Drew, not wishing to be a hyphenated oddity among his classmates. (His mother was known as Andrea Drew.) His grandfather died while MJD was at UCLA, and he went back to his double surname to honor him.

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