DFHC 8/26/2011

Yet Still More Ask Cool Daddy

Dear Cool Daddy: You recently mentioned Jubilee Dunbar and Chubby Dean…I too sort of “collect” interesting sports names. Imagine my surprise to discover that Jesse Owens Hickman was a white guy! Does that make me a racist? …from DaQuarles, San Francisco

Dear Da: Well, there is a current school of thought that says everybody is a racist, so to that extent, welcome to the club. Thing is, there isn’t a lot of info out there on cup-o-coffee ballplayers…JOH pitched in 13 games for the A’s, 1965-66. I was able to find a picture of him but not much else. He was born in 1939, and his namesake rose to prominence at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, so that part checks. Reminds me of 2 ballplayers from the 1980s…Willie Mays Aikens and Larry Doby Johnson. Then you have Mickey Mantle, whose name really was Mickey, not Michael, named after Yankees great Mickey Cochrane, who was of course born Gordon Stanley Cochrane.

Speaking of the Yankees, Robinson Cano was indeed named for Jackie Robinson. And there might even be one in the pipeline..Ben Sheets’ son Seaver, who just had his 9th birthday July 22nd…

Dear Cool Daddy:  We used to have this cool DJ in our town, and every election day he would play old campaign commercials…then for the rest of the day, I’d be singing…”I like Ike, you like Ike, everybody likes Ike…for president…” One he never had that I seem to remember was a song for Eugene McCarthy back in 1968…any help?  …Wilburforce, from Maumee, Ohio

Dear Wilburforce: Yup, help. Listen to it here: √√√√ . As you can see, it was by Peter, Paul and Mary…this video has the single and it’s flip-side, which was the same song but mixed in clips of McCarthy speachifying. Sort of catchy in a dour sort of way…I guess they figured they should be really serious and somber about the whole thing. I still have my pin, the regular one, not the renegade Republican one…look both ways before you cross the aisle. And it’s a curious thing…I remember “Clean for Gene” as referring to getting off drugs, but in reality it meant shaving your beard and cutting your hair. I’m sure I knew that then, but that’s memories for you…

peter, paul, shameless, plugs, and mary…

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