DFHC 8/27/2011

Dodo Lack Days

Dear Cool Daddy: I was just a kid during the 1950s, so what did I know? But was it really the bland, boring, conservative, conformist decade that everybody seems to think it was?  …from Cutter in Kalamazoo

Dear Cutter:  Yeah, I was too…but while it may have appeared that way on the surface, I dunno. I think it was a matter of knowing where to look…like sneaking a peek in your dad’s dresser drawer, under his socks…

And how about the cars! Plus any decade that gave us the Purple People Eater on the radio had a wild spirit lurking under a tame exterior…and after all, the 50s gave birth to the 60s, didn’t they?

Dear Cool Daddy: Is there an easy way to identify 1958-63 Thunderbirds by the side trim? …from Smokey in Yunicksburg, KS

Dear Smokey: Fortunately for car-spotters, they each had different trim…but short of memorizing the following chart, I doubt it. A mnemonic device for distinguishing all 6, in correct order of model years, seems to me to be prohibitively complicated, but hey…knock yourself out…life is to be lived, right?

Dear Cool Daddy:  BTW, “Dodo Lack Days” is a anagram  for “Ask Cool Daddy,” isn’t it?  ….from Snotbo in Boston

Dear Snotbo, if that really is your name, and I sincerely doubt that is it: Busted. You know, you can “do” anagrams on the internet, just submit the words and they scramble the letters and reconnect them for you…but that’s cheating, sez me. I do it the old-fashioned way…and here’s a tip: use Scrabble tiles.

Ah, pug sells mess…

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